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Have a look at this site:

They have a lot of great stuff on sale ALL the time.
They also have a lot of the newest merchandise, at really good prices.
You can have a look at what they have “coming soon”

I really like the Scandinavian version of it:

They are really cool, and master the “art” of good customer service as well :smiley:

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I have a question…
I recently subscribed to a vaping group on google+ and was sent an A-Z listing of web discount codes. Would it be a social faux pas to repost that info here? I haven’t verified it so I can’t vouch for it. Be glad to send it on to a moderator if they want to verify it.

1 Like has the X-Pure RDA on sale for $14. It was originally $29.95 (when I bought mine). I love mine and I’m going to buy at 2nd one. It is my favorite dripper. It has a nice deck that’s ceramic, and produces tons of vapor. I also saw someone post that she can build it at higher resistance. I’m going to try it when my coil needs replacing to build it for use on my devices under 30 watts - where I would use my Nautilus. Oh ya… The air hole is so high, you can overload it with juice, and it doesn’t leak out. I love that. And the top and the bottom unscrew rather than only using an o-ring. Love it! Wanted to post a photo, but didn’t see how to. Here’s the link. It’s under “Clearance” or you can do a search at I buy a lot from this dealer. NO, there’s nothing in it for me by posting this. Joya

Here’s what it says under “Details”. The Xpure is one of the most innovative RDAs available. With a ceramic building deck you can avoid shorts and enjoy a cooler vape.
Airflow is controlled by a triangular screw (special tool for adjustment included) that can be twisted to allow more or less airflow.
The entire RDA is made of brushed steel and ceramic for a very durable and easy to clean vaping experience.
Simple 3 post design allows single or dual coils.

Nicotine labs use code SIMPLE for 5% off order until sept. 15th.

Today 9/15/15 Amazon has the Etekcity electric food scale 15lb/7kg 0.01 resolution for 11.99

deal of the day. I can’t seem to paste the link sorry guys.


I would love to get in on that one! Why don’t you post it?

I have long since unsubscribed to that site. I think this is the resource page. Nothing you couldn’t get anywhere else, but here you go:

Great deal for Canadians like me:) New Vape Shop in Pickering, Ontario! Great selection of DIY and growing. Salk Street Vapor Shoppes
40% Off all DIY in-store and online until June 26th. Salk Street Vapor Shoppes Coupon code: DIY40