Discourse 3.0 no longer supports IOS 12 - 14

Just a heads up for Apple users if you haven’t already noticed, you need IOS 15 (or 16) to access ELR Forum. Otherwise you only get the HTML view. I think the switch became effective today as all my devices are OLD and I had to update to IOS 15…


EDIT: Sorry about the rant below, i get a bit overzealous when it comes to forced updates and upgrades.

You had to upgrade your entire OS just to view a website? Thats just complete bullshit, IMO.

And here i was pissed off that i cant use an old version of Waterfox. I could probably boot up a linux distro and view the site in Lynx, ffs.

I love this place but if i got a message saying that i had to upgrade my OS just to view a website it would be the last time i visited that website.


I’ve had the warning at the top of my screen for a while, I left it there to remind me to get a new phone - didn’t work :laughing: (I have iph6 only upgrades to ios12 :sob:)
I’ve just been using the pc, hence I am never here when you all are :expressionless:


Yeah, after thinking about this it was a mobile device eh? When i got my old phone switched back on i couldnt do anything on it, even amazon and ebay stopped supporting the old OS it was running. But those were apps.

Crazy isnt it tho? Just how complex everything behind the “veil” has gotten…


You sould be able to install iOS 15.7.2 if you have the storage. I had to delete a bunch of photos and videos on my OG iPhone SE and after a few tries I got it to install :grin:


Yeah, I have a 6S Plus, and just updated to 15.7.2 yesterday. I don’t have much baggage on it, other than a few dozen photos, and music, so it was a quick & easy update.


Thanks Rocky but it doesn’t work for Iphone 6 or 6 Plus. It will work from 6s and above.
The article you referenced is incorrect.
I will try on hubby’s 1st gen iphone SE though :+1:

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