Discussion on Flavor Revolution. Info? Thoughts?

Did not see a tasting notes thread for flavor revolution, so I figured I would start one. Just got my first four flavors from them today.

If anyone has some thoughts on them, please put them in here. Hoping this company will be a good addition to our collections.

I have Blue Raspberry, Graham Cracker, Mango, and Watermelon. They say to use them around 2% as they are very concentrated, but I am going to start at 3%, just in case.

Will leave my notes here as soon as I get some put together.


testing sweet strawberry soon was curious about this line , any thoughts so far?


Out of curiosity, if they recommend 2% why would you start at 3%? Won’t doing that skew the results of what they are promoting?


Because if they are recommending 2%, I am assuming this a recommendation for using as an ingredient in a mix. When testing a flavor as a single flavor mix, you generally need a bit more for it to stand strong on its own . You will notice in the flavor section that flavor percentages are generally higher on the Single flavor recommendations side than they are on the Percentages in recipes side. I doubt going from 2-3% will cause any muting or off taste. Did you purchase any?

Interested to hear your results. Too early to have any definitive thoughts but I am liking what I have smelled and tasted so far. The watermelon is different from others that I have tasted and is candy-like. The mango is not too floral and has a good sweetness to it. Blue Raspberry has been kind of a letdown, did not smell very strong out of the bottle but I am withholding judgment until it steeps. Graham Cracker smells great! Has a creamy/ chocolate/ marshmallow nuance to it that I cannot put my finger on but that may be the sweet aspect that is supposed to be the sugar granules on top of a graham cracker.


Nah. I am pretty flush on flavors atm. I was just wondering your process of testing and why.


Damn! I was totally hoping other veterans would be testing these. Any that you have your eye on? I was much more keen on giving these a try rather than something like Wonder Flavors or Molinberry since Nicotine River was willing to put them in their flavor collection.


I am certainly no veteran, but thank you for the compliment.

I am hung up on Purlium and RF flavors with some new FA flavors thrown in. Other than that testing new brands has been very limited.

Looking forward to your results though.


@Pentine - Thanks for posting this thread. Considering they are a company that also makes flavor concentrates for the food industry - I’m hoping that these flavor concentrates specifically made for the vape industry is good as well.


Apparently there were specialized for the vape industry:


To clear up any confusion, commenting on your tagged post

They are affiliated with companies that have 25+ experience in the food industry. However, Flavor Revolution (Which is a separate company) is 100% dedicated to the vaping industry.

All in all, they work with food industry flavor manufacturers but their goal is flavorings for vaping.

Hope that helps anyone :slight_smile:


Given we now have 10 posts (11 including my 0.02¢ worth), without a single review… It makes me wonder if it was a good idea to start an “anticipation” thread.

Perhaps it might have been better to have simply let nature take its course, and let whoever posts the first reviews actually create the thread. Crazy. I know. Just food for thought.


completely kidding to those who seen my post


Perhaps someone could re-title this* to something along the lines of “Can’t wait for FR reviews to start rolling in!” or some such, that way we don’t have so much clutter in the beginning of the thread that might lead folks to be less interested in wading through all this to get to the “meat and potatoes”? :wink:

*though, I can re-title, I’ll not take the liberty, in hopes of seeing where the community/mods stand.


So, I like to stay within certain companies for flavors, but finally decided to try out Flavor Revolution, Ripe Banana. It was the only flavor I got so far, but I plan on getting many more. The suggested is 2%, but I actually tested this at 0.25 and 0.50 as single, and 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and finally 1% in several batches of a pudding recipe. I have to say it is awesome. Bare with me, I’m not good with flavor notes, I tend to gush if it’s something I like. It’s not candy-like, and it’s not an ethereal green ripened flavor. It’s soft, like the outer white flesh of a banana, but creamy and golden like the center as well. I have been through FA, INW (Shisha Banana), TPA (Ripe and Cream), and this really shines above them all. If you like banana, and want a more authentic banana, this is a great buy. It’s certainly potent though, 0.25% still stood out in a pudding recipe nicely. It’s a sweet, golden, ripe banana, and damn yummy at that.


@Silhouette since you have the first actual notes (at least that I’ve seen)…
You should have the honor of starting the “Flavor Revolution Tasting Notes” thread!! :thumbsup:

(If nothing else, just copy/paste your post from here to it, so it doesn’t get buried and lost among the idle chit-chat!)


I shall do that now :smiley:, I’ll try to clear up my notes a little, I’m just not great at the whole ‘subjective tasting’ thing.


That’s subjective!
I thought you did just fine!