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Disposal of Used Batteries

Got a question -

How does everyone dispose of their old batteries? More importantly, for those who don’t get out and about very much and can’t really make it to Best Buy or some other place with a drop off for them, what options are there?


SM …some places have mailers they send u …as long as its small batteries…u have to look up an see who does it…

also places like home depot take them


edit…I just looked to see who takes them with mailers…seems they stopped it…due to restrictions on mailing…sorry…


Home Depot has a drop box for batteries. Usually near the entrance. So what I do is tape up the - and + post’s and drop them in the box, which is usually metal.


Last time I looked, the Home Depot had a sign for no LiIon batts like we use. They accept power tool type batteries (which are actually filled with 18650s). I think it’s a short circuit thing as people would just chuck unprotected batteries in there …back before they stopped accepting. Don’t make me google…


From Techwala …

Step 1

Visit Home Depot’s website. Click on the “Your Local Store” link at the top of the page. Enter in your zip code and/or address to get a list of the Home Depot that is closest to you.
Step 2

Call the Home Depot. The number will be listed along with the address of the store.
Step 3

Ask if you can bring in your old batteries for recycling at that location. Make sure you ask what types of batteries your Home Depot will recycle. Not all Home Depots recycle the same kinds of batteries.
Step 4

Bring your batteries to your Home Depot. If you cannot find the battery recycle drop box in the store, ask an employee to direct you do it. Drop your batteries in the box. The Home Depot will empty out the box and send the batteries to a battery recycling facility.

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Our garbage pick up has a recycle program and we can place dead batteries (positive ends taped over) in a sealed plastic bag. We just place the bag on top of the recycle (plastic bottles cans)bin. Might check your local pick up service, they could have a drop off point too.


Wait, so hold the phone, mean to say that big arse hole i have in my backyard w/ old tvs that i dump my old motor oil in isnt good enuff?


Sounds like many of the places around us in West Virginia.

It’s called red neck recycling around these parts so I just toss em on my neighbors pile.