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Diy Bottle Label Questions


Sorry if this has been gone over before but I have searched around looking for some answers and haven’t found much info on this. I diy mainly for personnel use but I do make juice for a few friends. Writing on bottles with sharpie is getting old and it wears off easily. I am looking into making some labels for my bottles. So far I have designed labels with nic content and pg/vg ratios. My question is this, If I put nicotine warnings on my labels am I crossing into any “business” areas? What do I need to know about using warnings on my labels such as nicotine warnings and age warnings? Could I cover myself with any warning such as “not for resale”? What warnings should or shouldnt I use? I have no intention of this being a business of any kind and mix mainly for myself and to cover associated costs of mixing. One last question, If I give my juice a name for example sake “Auras Juice co” could that carry with it legal implementations because it has a “brand name” attached to the juice?


If you sell this juice then you have already crossed the line. I would recommend nothing pointing to the maker of said e-juice. Plain Jane label with nothing more than the name and nic value. If a teenager gets a hold of one of your bottles then at least it doesn’t point back to you. See what I mean…

If you want a labler and don’t mind Black and White Labels then get a Dymo Labelwriter 450 and dymo 30572 labels from Office Depot

This is just my opinion knowing the FDA regs as they stand. I would stay far away from appearing as a business under these circumstances…


I understand what you are saying. I have no intention of having any personnel info such as my name, address, phone etc. I know this sounds funny but I do not technically sell any juice to my friends. I have no set price for my juices. I will bring them a bottle to work and they randomly give me some money to help pay for things. My point is there is no exchange of money when I give them juice. But it sounds like making up a “Brand name” is a bad Idea. I wasnt sure if anyone else had gone thru this dilemma and may be able to shed some light on the subject. Would really appreciate some concrete answers such as, No you can not use label X because its crossing legal boundary Y.


Spoken like a true black market dealer, ringling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As it goes though, you’re making this juice for personal use. Label it however you like. I can’t possibly imagine how you would run in to legal problems by it.


I get dollar store labels. Write the name of the juice and the nic level. If they want to see the ingredients, i show them my bottles.
I also have a regular label maker if i want to get fancy haha


Also this is a good thread


This is the label I want to make, I feel somewhat obligated to say something about it containing nicotine. If I can get away with this label I would be very happy. Ps its going on unicorn bottles so thats why its portrait. The watermark will also be gone from the label.


If the said juice is found on another person besides the op, then it obviously is not being made for personal use.
I would stick with plain Jane labels. Name of juice, Nic. Percent and nothing more.
Even if they are giving it away to friends, they are still distributing a product containing nicotine


I have looked through most of that thread and didnt really find the answers Im looking for. Thank you for the link.


The white strip is to write the name of the recipe on.


It looks like you might have figured it out already :eyes::grin:


When e-juice is given away to friends, it is no longer just for personal use. I will agree that the chances of anyone getting busted for blending juices and giving then away to friends are pretty slim. Thing is @AuraBorealis asked how to cover his ass. Well, think of anything better?

Assuming minors won’t get a hold of your juice is not a good idea. I hear constantly stories of people having their equipment stolen and their juice. Numerous stories were of their own kids or the kid’s friends. How safe does it sound now?


It looks good and I personally see nothing wrong with it. I don’t want you to think I don’t want you to use your design. As I said before it’s just my opinion. Truth be told, if some government entity comes after you for your E-juice blending practices, it’s doubtful they will care what your label looks like unless it looks like it rolled out of a manufacturing plant…


Looks a lot better than the labels I put on mine!
Go For It !


I use a Brother QL 700 and make my labels for all the juice I make (w/exception of 15ml testers) basically like the following…


That’s an awesome label. I haven’t mastered the QL700 well enough to be able to make labels like that.


To be honest… there isn’t much to master in that software that comes with it… “P-touch Editor”

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Hmm … maybe I should read the instructions huh?


I ordered waterproof adhesive printable vinyl paper. I print on it, cut it, then slap it on.


I would think your troubles can happen from selling it, not giving it away. If you’re selling, better get peeking at the law and what you can and can’t do wrt labels and nicotine.