Diy calculator question

Why is it every time I make a recipe it says something is wrong with the numbers. pg/vg ratio?

Can you give us an example of what you mean? Maybe share a link to one of your recipes or upload a screenshot :+1:

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its because your ratios are not adding up , usually it means you flavor and nic is throwing off the Vg / PG ratio that your wanting

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Im trying to make a recipe. I have a pre mixed 120ml bottle of 3mg nic 80%vg/20%pg. That I want to add to a 30ml bottle. I will make the recipe like I did before then send a screenshot pic of It


Ahhhhh. In that case when you are adding your flavourings it’s throwing off your ratio like @fidalgo_vapes said. If you tick the Max VG box you should be good to go :+1:

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Ok y’all I’ll try that and see what happens then send a pic so you can check everything out

This is how it looks the second I put in my first flavoring.

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Basically you aren’t going to get 3mg strength because the flavourings are reducing your premixed liquid strength. It’ll be less than 3mg unless you vape it as it is with no additional flavourings.

You could just put 0mg as desired strength maybe?

Have a read through these and there’s probably a much better explanation than my attempt :joy:

Yeah the flavorings are pg based only.

To avoid this, simply check off “Max VG” and then you can see what the actual PG/VG ratio is :slight_smile:

So uncheck the max vg box and leave everything else the same?

I don’t use premixed bases (except for my testers, which I calculated for)
Because it throws your numbers off. See in your recipe, you already have negative numbers in your VG
This has come up in the past, and others have a remedy for it, but I don’t remember.
The best I can remember is they do it like this…

You have pre-mixed nicotine at 3mg, so each time you add to your base, it dilutes your nicotine, so it can’t stay at 3mg in your recipe…