DIY e-juice guide channels wanted

Hello Community :slight_smile:

After a half a year of DIY i realize that it’s still a long way to go on learning the subject.
Can anyone please recommend a good channel on youtube or else where?

My goal is to study about flavors - whta’s the right way to use creams, custrads, additives and so on… just need a channel with maximum information in one place…

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I am on again and off again with a few…
Pauly (Paul)…

And for just watching and listening to…
The Chronicles…


Don’t forget fresh03 -

It was between his channel and DIYorDIE[as CallMeTut linked -] that got me into mixing.

And also New Amsterdam -


+1 on Fresh… I didn’t know his name and had only watched him when I was looking into mixing or something… liked his style, I’ll have to see if he still has his cat.

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If you look at his show that cat is still showing up on cam :smile:

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Yup, Evana is his cat :smiley:

Got 2 here ourselves, Scout and Scrappy, both females, bot PITA! :smile_cat:


You can learn everything available on youtube regarding flavors but, taste is such a personal thing they can’t teach you what it tastes like everybody’s tastes are there own. I’m probably wrong but I guess I’m a grad of the school of hard knocks. After vaping for almost two years when I got serious about DIY I knew what I liked and didn’t like about a lot of flavor combos and single flavors. There is always new flavors coming out, and I just let my tongue guide me. If I’d eat or drink it in real life I’ll probably try mixing it into whatever I like it in and go from there. I win a few and lose a few right off the bat but mostly it’s a lot of trying variations till one of them knocks me off my feet.


taste is obviously subjective but only to a degree, popularity plays a big part with flavours for me, if a heck of a lot of people say it’s nice, then it’s probably nice, Iv’e found the best place to learn about mixing is right here, I’ve learnt more about every aspect of vaping on this site in a month than I learnt in a year on ECF, I absolutely bow down to the knowledge of some of the mixers on this site.


While I totally agree with ya both ( @GPC2012 and @Pugs1970 ) even though I do batch mixing (making a dozen or so batches at a time, then wait a couple months to try them), I do like seeing others mixing and talking about what they like or don’t like. It (at least for me) gives me encouragement… even if I don’t follow the gloves when playing with nic, or how many of the people vape what they just made, and say how good it is… if I change out cotton, I don’t care what juice I put in my tank… I’ll taste smoldering cotton for at least a tank… I don’t go “wow… that is great!” I grumble about wasting good juice knowing I should have put in a base mix I have of 50/50 7mg vg/pg that I carry in my backpack to dilute or top off a tank if I’m away from home until I get back (also helps to clean a tank/wicking if wanting to switch over to a new test).
Basically I like the comradeship, even if they don’t know me.


Did you have the same nickname on ECF? I used to spend all my free time there but it just got so whiney and bitchy I couldn’t take it anymore. When I first started there there was a thread for Bionic Vapor and that’s where I landed pretty much every day. When he closed the business I just never found a place that felt like home. I did spend a lot of time on the contest threads in the last year but they’ve even become a bitch fest. Then I found my real vape home. ELR. It feels like family here.


I did have the same name yeah, I’ve just been having major ‘words’ with Retired1 on there for banning me, all for asking what peoples thought’s were on going legit after the TPD, if they thought it was or wasn’t worth the risk.
no warning.
I asked them to remove my account from the site as I thought that was my right, but they won’t do that either, so I have to have an account but I am not allowed to use it. It would appear that if you talk about business in any form then you need to be a paying member, and that’s what they were holding me to ransom for.
F&$k them.,
This site is infinitely better and more welcoming.


Weeelll… youtube is very cool and honestly I never buy hardware unless someone has reviewed it on youtube that I trust.

I made a lot of mistakes when I started but a few things have never failed me…

New Flavors: I used to “jump” to buy new flavors when they came out. That was a mistake. Patience in allowing others to review a flavor for a few months saves you a lot of money and aggravation.

Reviews on ECX: 95% of the time the reviews on ECX are accurate for “like-ability” Capella Vanilla Custard for example… I think most people do like it and it’s a staple in a lot of mixing. It gets really high reviews. Using their sort tool by “number of reviews” is the best way I know to

Reviews Here on ELR: Here is still the best place. If a flavor tastes like a gym sock, people here aren’t afraid to say it taste like a gym sock and more than one person will do it.

What I learned to do (and this is all I do anymore when I mix something new)… I take a lot of the 5 Star recipes here and use the cream, custard, additives from that wonderful recipe and I change one or two things to make a twist on it.

Sometimes it doesn’t work but most of the time it does. You will also see a lot of re-use of 3 or 4 particular creams and custards across many recipes - and the pattern emerges.

From doing that you start learning what those elements do. Here’s something I learned that surprised me…

Bavarian Cream (in my mixes) has to steep a long time or it burns. When that stuff comes out the bottle it smells like you could eat it but there’s some chemical property in it before it blends into the liquid that just needs time to settle down. I could go on but it’s almost like something you have to discover and experience for yourself or you don’t learn what your taste buds want.


Thanks you very much Comrades! :slight_smile:

When my journey to DIY startred, it so amazed me, that I was buying TONS of flavors from different places. I didn’t know then how to mix or where to read or what am I going to do with all that stuff. It was just a cool journey to a new world.

I was mixing crazy stuff together :))) and of course it didn’t work. I didn’t have enough patience to mix by % or weight, tried using drops without any calculator. Made a lot of useless stuff :))))

After some time, I’ve realized, that it doesn’t work like that. I’ve started reading about the other peoples mixes, using calculator, scales and so on and so on.

I’ve learned a lot about other people’s mixes but when it come to mine, I’m wasn’t satisfied about them at all. I want to stop this endless circle of running after other people’s mixes, I want to create something that I’d like and something that my wife would like :))

In other people’s mixes I find ingridients that I don’t like. So I have to adjust them. I’d prefer just to finally learn to mix good myself with the flavors that I like :slight_smile:

Anyways, I still buy lots of flavors :)))) I’m an addict i guess haha
But I read reviews carefully now here on ELR and it really helps! thanks everybody!!!

Sold most of useless flavors I’ve bought before and built good collestion of stuff that I’ll use in the future.

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