Diy ejuices from liquid barn

Has anyone made ejuices with flavors just from liquid barn and whatsyour recipe

Yes, their creams are very good. Some of their other flavors are nice as well. Some are just so so of course. They all have their good and bad.
Great cream flavors though. The Coconut Milk is AWESOME!

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What Bradslinux said. the creams are great. I’ve mixed each flavor with LB’s vanilla ice cream. I feel like it makes everything better. I only recently got the other creams and so far they are great. I’m going to be testing the new creams with other flavors soon. But yea… my recommendation is Vanilla icecream with almost any flavor lol.

Here are a few nice threads on Liquid Barn. :grinning:

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Do you think you could send me a link to some of your recipes I have a few flavors and didn’t know what all I should mix I have peach green apple strawberry cheesecake cremebrulee cappuccino root beer baker’s touch rainbow sherbet and lava cake

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Thanks I spent a couple hours on different forums trying to find some

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Other forums? I thought there was only one. Only one my precious. Haha. Lol. J/k

That is the great part of ELR. Someone has the link. Happy mixing.

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I haven’t been playing with LB for long, I have several still steeping. What I have done with good sucess is to replace TPA or CAP VBIC with LB VIC in existing recipes. Also, where I started from was the suggested “Median” mixing % suggested on the flavors page eg: For Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) this is 4% median. I pretty much go by median mixing % as a starting point for all of the mixes I do. I may drop down a bit, I never start higher than suggested median with a new flavor that I haven’t used before.
I have done this with and the VIC LB and it is very good. I did this as a 1:1 swap of the flavor in the recipe.

Where do you normally buy your flavors of vg nic etc

can you please share this forum.
also looking experience about lb . have a lot, but even 10 days steeping taste not so good