DIY eliquid percentages

Hey Guys and Gals. So Im new to making my own juices and i see a lot of recipes have like 5% flavour. I just made a mint peanut butter at 12% peanut butter and 2% Menthol.
Im wondering if I’m putting too much or if its all personal preference.
Thanks in advance and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

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A lot of it depends on the hardware you are using as well as the brands of flavors that you use. Brands like FlavourArt (FA), Inawera, and Flavorah tend to be more concentrated and need lower %s, whereas ones like Capella, Perfumers/Flavor Apprentice (TPA), and Flavor West tend to need a higher percentage. And, like you said, it is based on taste as well. People who have recently switched often need stronger flavors because they still haven’t fully regained their sense of taste and smell. People who have been vaping for awhile also seem to be able to lower their flavor percents. Do what works for you! :slightly_smiling:


Age/years of stinkies and genetics may also play a big role in taste sensitivity. Some folks are near taste bud dead like me. When I see a 5% mix item I boost it appropriately and tailor the recipe to my tastes, Recommend not to sweat the minutia.
Only sweat the part about you having fun.

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