Diy flavor must haves

What’s are some must have flavors I planning on ordering some new flavors what are they and where are they from


Also how many vendors accept PayPal as I’m getting a card for a late bday present from my aunt

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I absolutely love Cinnamon Roll (FW)


Is it a stand alone or in a recipe

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Either way. I add some bavarian cream, cream cheese icing, and vanilla whipped cream for a nice frosted cinnamon roll flavor

Frosted Cinnamon Roll

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (TPA) 3
Cinnamon Roll (FW) 8
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 3
Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 3

Flavor total: 17%

Remember to rate it at!

Marshmallow, Strawberry (Ripe), Dragonfruit, White Peach, Caramel, Vanilla Custard v1, Bavarian Cream, Pear, Forest Fruit, Sweet Cream, Graham Cracker v1, …and Hazelnut [could not make my two ADV’s without it !

Most of mine come from Nicotine River, and they don’t use PayPal because PayPal has a vengeance against nicotine. Grant has opened a PayPal account, then when someone buys nicotine with their order, PayPal closes his account. I have an e-mail from him somewhere if you need to see it.


They reason I was asking is cause I’m ordering samples so I don’t waste a lot of money and end up qith flavors I dont like

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Anything in this post is pretty good:


Both Gremlin and Cat House take for PayPal


FA - Vienna cream, Marshmallow, Lemon Sicily, Meringue, Fuji apple, Nonna’s cake, Cookie, Forest berry

TFA - Strawberry ripe, Bavarian cream, Vanilla bean ice-cream, Cheesecake Graham crust

Capella - Peaches and cream, Sweet strawberry, Vanilla custard V1,

Inawera - Blackcurrant, Biscuit, Cactus

Just some off top of my head that i will always re-stock on


Here’s my list of absolutely have to have, but you have to remember everybody will have a different need, it all depends on your tastes and what you end up seeing as an ADV

CAP Amaretto
TFA Apricot
FA Apricot
CAP Banana
FLA Boysenberry
TFA Brown Sugar DX
CAP Cantaloupe
FLA Cantaloupe
TFA Cantaloupe
TFA Cheesecake
CAP Cheesecake
TFA Cheesecake graham crust
CAP Coconut
TFA Coconut DX Way strong
TFA Double Chocolate
TFA Grenadine
CAP Golden Butter
CAP Golden Pineapple
TFA Grapefruit ruby red
FA Grapefruit
CAP Grapefruit
INA Grapefruit, red
INA Grapefruit, white
TFA Jamaican Rum
CAP Juicy Orange
TFA Kentucky Bourbon
TFA Key lime
FA Lemon Sicily
TA Lime Tahiti
TFA Lemon Lime
TFA Mandarin Orange
TFA Maraschino cherry
TFA Marshmallow
TFA Milk Chocolate
TFA Nectarine
TFA Oatmeal Cookie
TFA Peach
TFA Pomegranate
CAP Rasberry
CAP Sweet Cream
TFA Sweet Cream
CAP Sweet Strawberry
TFA Toasted Marshmallow
TFA Watermelon
CAP Sweet Watermelon
FLA Wild Melon
TFA Whipped Cream
TFA Wild BlueBerry
TFA White Chocolate
CAP Juicy Peach
TFA Pineapple
TFA Pistachio
TFA Red Velvet Cake
CAP Double Watermelon Way strong and candy like
TFA Blackberry***

And I would speculate that 3 out of 5 new formulas I come up with need at least one flavor I don’t have.


I consider myself lucky I have friends that have and continuously buy to stock over 200 flavors that they are constantly using. I’m pretty happy with my 54 or so flavors.


At one time I was too. Then you read some of the comments on mixes, start following mixers. Next thing you know you’re sucked in the flavor vortex. I’m currently sitting on 293 and many of those I will likely never use. My guess is that there are about 50 flavors I use more than any, and maybe only 20 that are utterly essential.


Cap cake batter
Cap ny cheesecake
Cap fudge brownie
Cap vanilla custard v1
Fa caramel
Fa raspberry
Fa cookie
Fa bilberry
Fa orange
Fa Fuji apple
Inw peach
Inw lemon mix
Inw shisha vanilla
Inw shisha strawberry
Inw tiramisu
Hangsen cream
Fw yellow cake
Fw natural pineapple
Fw cherry crush
Fw cinnamon roll
Fw marshmallow
Tpa graham cracker
Tpa ripe banana


There might be three or four in there that won’t get used, wifey was all crazy about me making a chocolate chip cookie recipe like the one I wrote it’s crazy good the real thing that is and she vaped about three tanks of it and hasn’t touched it since. that was 4 months ago. I had a little last month and it’s good it’s just not my type of vape.


Strawberry FA
Strawberry (Ripe)TFA
Strawberries and Cream (CAP)
Banana Cream (LA)
Biscuit (INAWERA)
Caramel (FA)
Belgian Waffle (TFA)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Bilberry (FA)
French Vanilla (FA)
Bavarian Cream (CAP)
Cookie (FA)
Wild Blueberry (FA)
Marshmallow (FA)
New York Cheese Cake (CAP)
Graham Cracker V2 (CAP)
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP)
Dulce De Leche (FW)
Vanilla Swirl (TPA)


Best I’ve found for ‘enough to try’ yet not feel like I wasted money if I don’t like something?? Wizard Labs @mostly 1.49ea for an 8ml glass bottle (required IMO to keep the flavor free from plastic leeching into it).

@Nicotine_River is also quite highly regarded here, though I have yet to interact with them personally. They maintain an active presence here and interact with the community, which is a huge statement in itself in my book!

AFA Flavors?? I’d recommend:

Caramel (INA)
Apple Pie (TFA) -more apple and pie, less cinnamon
Apple Pie V2 (CAP) -more cinnamon, but needs a boost of Apple
Biscuit (INA) (UK/Euro-speak for cookie)
Butter Pecan (FW)
Butterscotch, Natural (FW)
Chocolate Cream (INA) -awesome choc. flavor, just a splash of cream
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) -has A/AP
Forest Fruit (FA) <3 <3 <3 this stuff!
Glazed Doughnut (Cap)
Peach (INA)
Raspberry (INA)
Strawberry, Ripe (TFA)
Strawberry, Sweet (CAP)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
Vanilla Custard V2 (Cap)

As you can tell, I definitely lean towards the fruits/desert/bakery crowd… if you’re more asking about Tobacco style vapes, then ping @Kinnikinnick or @Josephine_van_Rijn :sunrise:

Off Topic, but worth mentioning:
Glass is the single most important thing to me in regards to flavor storage, as I’ve had e-liquids that permanently stunk up a (edit:) plastic (/edit) bottle that wasn’t even 3 months old. I figure if that little amount of flavor (assumed less than 30% flavor in a 70vg liquid) seeped into the plastic, then it has to go both ways (plastic particulates going into the liquid)! So when a vendor chooses glass for their flavorings, I seriously appreciate the thought and respect they show for not only their product, but the end consumer!!

Also, I’ve paid more for a 7ml flavor sample 1.79-1.99 without glass. So there’s no argument for charging massive amounts more for shipping in glass (unless the business is in it’s ‘infancy stage’ -just getting off the ground). Wish it was an industry standard personally.

I wouldn’t even mind paying an extra 0.35ea-0.60ea for the 15ml or 30ml sizes. At least it’d save waste (when you toss the plastic it came in), and save time and trouble buying glass seperately.


Since his name is Cremeanddessertvaper I figured he wasn’t in to tobacco so I didn’t chime in here. If I’m wrong… :grinning:


Great short list! It reflects my “most” used flavors too.

I would add…
Fuji Apple (FA)
White Peach (FA)


Who me? Nooooo, I never miss the obvious!
(great catch) lol