DIY flavors I've tried

I used Mandarin flavor from Vapezone for my first DIY and was less than impressed. So, I decided rather than trial and error at $7-10 a pop, I would try to steep some of my own flavors. Bought some vanilla beans, some sassafras bark, cinnamon sticks, and some chai tea to try my hand at steeping my own flavors. I had already made a french roast that turned out really good. I just completed the process for the above four flavors, basically steeped the aforementioned spices in PG in a hot water bath with intermittent ultrasonic. I then vacuum filtered the juice. For each I used heaping tbsp in 15ml of PG and I have to say I am pleased with the result. I am hoping they only get better with age. Anyone tried this with other natural ingredients?


I tried a similar method with Black Tea, Green Tea and Tobacco. I thought they were pretty good. My Teas were just fine but my tobacco gunked up my coils. I triple strain them through coffee filters… I may need to strain them more. I haven’t used them in over a month now.