Diy flavors

What is the best websites to buy DIY favors?

2 Likes i think has the widest selection, the most flavor brands. , ,

Good luck! Dont hesitate to ask anything and dont give up, it can be frustrating in the beginning. But you’ll be glad you stuck with it if you do


It also depends on were you are at…

Saw you post you made a few days ago


Thanks dear

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My suppliers in order of preference. Nicotine River, Bullcity, DiyVaporsupply. Bullcity has the best shipping prices.


Nic river seems to be the best for me as I live in Bahrain, fedex shipping, Price is good.

Thanks a lot


Coollllll… glad ya got a good avenue to what you need. Nicriver is a good place also because you can get good nicotine there too if you need it. I’ve lately been using their NicSalts and have been very happy with it. Also their Purilum flavors are good and the other big sites dont carry them. I recommend peanut butter cookie, butter pecan, strawberry marshmallow cereal, marshmallow, lots of good ones.

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