DIY for profit

I was wondering if anybody out there is selling their own creations for profit. I made a couple samples for some coworkers and now they want to order liquid from me. I am not sure how to price the liquid. She told me she was paying $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle… (Halo Tribeca). Any suggestions for a price range.

I’m selling some to a couple people on the cheap 5 for 30ml but if u think about it it’s still kinda a profit???

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They’ll keep coming back for more @ that price and will act as real test subjects Ha-ha :grinning:

Hi NewDrip; First let’s say this, she did not pay 19.99 for tribeca. She paid 19.99 plus tax, or 19.99 plus shipping, and possibly even 19.99 plus shipping and tax if buying within her same state and online. For you to legally sell your juice you will also have to get set up with your state, or local government to pay sales tax which you collect with a sale. You make your sale and collect extra to cover the sales tax which you pay usually quarterly. That being said, this woman saying she paid 19.99 actually paid in a state with a 8% sales tax $21.59.

Let’s look at packaging. Amber glass bottles with dropper will cost more than plastic needle tip bottles. Approximately 4-5 times more. Labels cost money too. If you pay someone else to print them especially. Even if you print your own labels the cost of printers, ink, and the labels themselves add up.

Halo considers their juices to be premium juice. What do you consider yours to be? A premium 30ml juice should sell anywhere from $16.00-$24.00 in glass bottle, PLUS tax.

One flavor blended with vg/pg/nic can not be considered premium. Blends like this in 30ml plastic needle tip bottles usually sell for $12.00-$18.00 PLUS tax.

OK, let’s break this down one last time. To make a actual profit you must add ingredient cost, shipping cost of said ingredients, bottle cost and shipping, Label costs including printer and ink costs. Labor costs as well, your time is money. If you go a step further, advertising costs of product.

My suggestion to you is to visit your local vape shops and see what they charge for both premium and regular blends. Match or beat their price by a little. Do not sell on the cheap. Not only are you not making enough money to stay in business, you are portraying the image that you sell a inferior product.

Hope this helps…


Thank you for the insight @ringling. I didn’t know or guess really think of what a business would go through. I primarily make juice for myself. A couple friends ask me to make them juice so I charge them $10 for 30ml. It’s cheaper for them and it allows me to restock everything that goes into making them juice plus a small profit. I’ve figured it out to be about $3 per 30 ml for me to make. Then add shipping and it’s pretty close. So doing it on the side “under the table”, that’s what I do.

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May well be best to keep it that way. With what the FDA is trying to do to this industry it’s very possible most of us will be out of business when the regulations take effect. If it takes effect as written right now, we’re all screwed and the tobacco companies will completely take over the industry.

Dang FDA lol. Its probably all a money thing. If they aren’t making money they are not happy and you know the tobacco industry isn’t happy because of everyone vaping.

That is quite true. People don’t realize that a large portion of the cost of cigarettes are both federal and local taxes. The vaping industry is taking money away from the tobacco companies, the federal government, and the local governments. I’m sure you’ve heard of the sin tax. Well guy, we ain’t sinning and they don’t like it. I honestly think it’s time for the federal government for declare pot legal, impose a sin tax on pot, let the tobacco companies grow it and sell it too, and leave us alone so we can get people off of a product that kills thousands each year. Our industry should only be regulated locally to be sure we are not selling to minors. I find that to be perfectly acceptable regulation.


If they did legalize pot that would more than sufficient for a sin tax. Look at Colorado they have more sin tax money off of pot then they know what to do with. Yea that should be the only regulations on e-cig is selling to minors. By the time they start regulating and taxing e-cigs its not going to be any cheaper than smoking cigs. Why can’t they just leave a good thing alone that has help all of use put down a bad habit. They should praise e-cigs instead of shooting them down


I can agree with that!!!


Thanks guys for the input. I’m really not trying to open a business, so I’m definitely not notifying the state. And my cost are kinda cheap. My customer base would be local (friends, family and coworkers). It cost me less than $2 to make a 15 ml bottle and the labor is my hobby right now. So I figure $5 for 15 ml. Single flavor and $8 for 15 ml. premium/clones. I think that’s reasonable without appearing too cheap. Thanks again.

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See places like Las Vegas rely on cigerrette money and its tax for income. Now that everyone is vaping, cities are losing money, money they had put into their “budget” for so long they could depend on it. Well now that they can’t, they are trying to find a way to get it back.

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Raise the tax on the analogs. Just leave the ex smokers alone. If anything we should be rewarded for quitting.


Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice and one hell of a change of pace!

I sell my DIY for profit to folks at work.

I also order beginner kits for people to take up vaping too.

It costs me approx £1.95 to make 30ml of single flavour juice with a 30ml needle tip bottle at pretty much any NIC level.

I sell that to people at work for £7.50 but I also offer tailored fluids. Whereby someone may want a specific PG/VG ratio or specific NIC mg/ml.
In the UK 6/12/18/24mg/ml are what’s readily available which doesn’t cater for those wishing to be on a slightly different NIC like 9mg/ml or 3mg/ml.

One of my customers I’ve created a tailored tobacco flavour for which is only a mix of 2 other flavours but really helps to satisfy his analogue cravings as he didn’t want to be vaping fruit flavours etc.

I know a DIY mixer who actually has setup a business selling his liquids to some shops and he charges the shop £1.99 per 10ml and the shop retails them out at £4.99 per 10ml.

So the way I look at it is that DIY mixing allows me to try my hand at saving myself money and trying new flavour recipes etc, along with replenishing my mixing stock.
My customers also receive freebies of latest recipes in TRIALING etc or new flavours Ive received.

So they don’t do too badly.



Consider who really runs this country; large multi-national corporations and criminals. Enough said.


So true. Is there any such thing as an honest politician?

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Probably not since Abe LOL


One thing is selling juice to coworkers or friends and another is to public. If your friends are happy to pay you the $20 and you don’t feel like you ripping them off, than be it.
Of course if you had an Oak barrel, that could change things… :slight_smile:

damn tobacco lobbyists and their filthy greedy hands …

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