DIY Give-away for USA and Canadian residents only!

I don’t have a favorite yet but my first supplies for diy are on the way!

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Here is one of my favorite recipes… It’s creamy and sweet but not over sweet… The inspiration for this came from my Mothers Strawberry trifle… Which is the reason why I love it so much…

Cereal Killer +
Its good out of the gate and is a crowd pleaser. No need to steep so its instant satisfaction which is great for new people.

Not my favorite creation by any means, but my favorite all TPA mix. Aloha Y’all isn’t a shake and vape either. It needs a week of aging to let the fruits settle down, then it’s awesome. I vape a lot of strawberry milk flavor and I enjoy Aloha Y’all most after vaping the strawberry all day because it takes me from smooth and mellow to WOW, taste that fruit!

Milkstone 2.0 …… one of my first DIY attempts.

I enjoy
It’s a good juice with few ingredients. I looove milky flavors. I havent had the money to buy enough flavor for the complex juices out there yet

This is my ADV for Subtank. My original Grandma’s Ice Cream

Red white and blue
The reason why I love this one so much is because it initially taste creamy and that does stay with the mix but as it steeps the berries start to really POP the sour hint really just accents the berry. Oh and the best part it’s a shake n vape ! Always good and ready to be vaped :+1::grinning:

My first TPA mix!

One of the best coffee flavors I’ve had period. It’s so creamy and so spot on, you can’t even realize that you are smelling an actual cup of Caramel Latte.

Honestly, i dont have any favorites that contain a single vendors flavorings. I was flipping through my recipe composition book and i dont see a single recipe i have made with one manufacturers product. Might sound kind of odd but that is how i work i guess, hehe. As with many people i am biased, partial to my own mixes and i havent shared any of what i consider my master works. My wifes favorite his comprised of 3 different manufacturers flavorings, Strawnana Custard:

I dont really have a favorite, one of the main reasons i got into DIY was so that i could continue to make new liquids, i may vape something for a month or two but as soon as i mix something new that i like i move on to it.

If this disqualifies me im cool with that. Good luck everyone!


This is my first recipe that actually tasted good. It’s still a bit strong so I’m gonna tone it down a bit and see how it works out.

One of mine thats currently in top rotation.

Good balance of sooo much tasty sweetness.

“Ice’s Cowboy”
(Not a menthol flavor! Ice is my last name. :grinning:)
ADV for both Me and my Wife since we started Vaping. (About a year and half now!) Some seem to think the Cowboy(Western Flavor TPA) is too high for them. We tried lowering the % but went back. :yum:
We love the Bakery/Sweet/Nutty flavor.
Shake & Vape (No change with steeping IMO)
Can’t judge this one from the smell!
Feedback welcome!

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My all time fave. A Gmix original. I have a RDA reserved for this mix only. I start my day with breakfast and this juice.

Yellow Melonberry Fuzz Gmix

Andromeda mmmm blueberry and pomegranate and vanilla mmmmm

Red Dragon is a great recipe no matter how you look at it. It introduces 2 uncommon flavors (dragonfruit and lychee) to mixers that might be tired of tasting the same common elements of all the other juices like: strawberry, banana, or some variant of cream in their juices. Also being a total of just 3 flavor-ingredients, a person just starting out, or maybe knows what its like having to acquire a 5+ flavors and have some sold-out time and time again, will appreciate the brevity of Red Dragon… Lastly, I feel like all of these flavors are widely used in other recipes, so that after trying Red Dragon, one simply just has to visit, visit any one of the three flavor-ingredients’ page and see where they want to take it from there.

My own recipe, kept private until now, still needs a bit of tweaking…

Blue Sky Bitch is my favorite vape , very impressive :smiley:

my favorite tpa base is 6% Tiger’s Blood ,i like cuzz its the best one in taste and that ive done so far , i love the site :smiley: