DIY Give-away for USA and Canadian residents only!

Ok! Time for a DIY give-away! This is the US/Canadian version. Check the forum for a European version!

If you don’t know them, check them out!

The prizes:

  1. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 75!
  2. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 30!
  3. Gift card for their shop, in the amount of USD 30!

To enter, put a link to your favorite TPA-based recipe in the comments below, and tell us why you like it so much!

The contest closes Sunday, March 29th 2015.

The winner will be drawn using and announced Wednesday, April 1st 2015!


It tastes just like skittles and has a great sweetness. Was able to vape for almost 2 weeks before I needed to switch it up.

Yes, it is my own recipe, but it’s one of my favorites. I keep a bottle of it at all times and just keep going back to it. I like it because it is simple and easy to throw together when I’m feeling lazy! :wink: And, it was one of the very first NOT single flavor recipes I tried to make. It gave me confidence that I really could do this! LoL

P.S. Bookmarking this…I’m sure there’s going to be some great recipes in here and it will be a great place to get ideas! :smiley:

Because, Tobacco and Coffee = Happiness

This is not only my fav, but it’s what inspired me to get into diy! Sooooo goooooood!!

I have to pick one of my own:

I fine tuned and fine tuned to get it just right (at least I think)

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Vaping everyone!


This was the first and best recipe that i have tried so far that i had all of the ingredients for. It has been my ADV for the past 2 weeks.

Bust-A-Nut has been my main vape for about 8 months. I created Bust-A-Nut II with almost all
TPA flavors, and I have to say it turned out even better. LOVE this stuff.
Creamy, nutty, rich, goodness!

Bust-A-Nut II Good stuff

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An experiment in progress, but the best juice I’ve made. Can’t stop vaping it! It’s smooth, cool, refreshing and satisfying. It is my attempt at something resembling Seduce Juice’s “Caesar”.

This is one of my favorites not my own recipe. Except I mix it a lil different I tend to use less watermelon and more strawberry. This is one IMO I could vape just about all day everyday. It’s got a good berry flavor with a kick of cooling menthol. Its pretty darn good.

I love this recipe because of the research and effort put behind this. I always go back to it.

This was the best recipe that I’ve found so far, and was a nice, tasty berry cream.

The recipe that taught me that I had no idea what I was doing.

I really like this recipe, especially with some Caramel. I know it says all cap flavors, but they can easily be replaced by (TFA) thanks Ole Frederiksen for the recipe!

I love this simple recipe!

It has good flavor and easy to make :).

my Karamellow recipe… sweet caramel and marshmallow… plain good vape!

I haven’t gotten started on DIY, and a giveaway like this would be a perfect first step to get started. Currently my favorite juice to vape is a straight Menthol juice, so to pick a recipe I’d like I went looking for something minty, and this looks like it would hit the spot. The name helps as well since I’ve been to Winnipeg, and I know how cold it can get.

New to DIY this is on my next to try.