DIY help for MTL and recipe ideas

Hello guys,

I’m want to mix some juice for MTL, im usually doing DL mixing. WHat is difference when it comes to MTL mixing? I dont use salts, I have freebase nicotine. Should I do 50vg/50pg or 60vg/40pg ok? Can you recommend some fruits (mango, pineapple, peach), berries (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc), pasteries (cheesecake, blueberry muffin, etc), and caramel recipes for MTL and DL. I will probably be using bishop RTA.


If vaping thru an RTA I would mix at anywhere between 70VG/30PG and Max VG on the calculator. It may take a little longer to steep tho. No other adjustments will be needed. All will depend on the nic and base you have.


These are my favorites, but I am much more of a fruity vaper than a desserts or creams vaper:

I actually drop the sweetener to 0.75% as 1% is too sweet for me.

Check cookies?
This one is my favorite mango recipe.

50vg/50pg or 60vg/40pg are good for MTL, 70vg/30pg are good for DL. The main difference between MTL and DL is that with MTL, you can use higher nicotine strength (anything between 12mg and 18mg nic strength.) as well as slightly higher PG. With DL, lower nic content like 6mg nic or less is best and higher VG, like 70vg/30pg or even max VG.


I see, Thank you very much! Go any more stuff to share?


THIS is the place to ask for all your questions, advice on flavors and recipes. You will not find a more helpful all in one forum for every nit picky questions you have. I am a noob myself, but with this group, you will gain much the needed knowledge. A lot of people like ATF (All The Flavors, a recipe group of more experienced mixers) for checking out recipes, but the ELR forum for recipes is humongous and the format is a bit easier to “create a recipe” from.

You should start there, type in a flavor you like (Mango or Strawberry, etc), hit search and all the recipes with that flavor will come up. Then you click on “Ratings” and all the top rated recipes will come up first.

The first red arrow you see on the top left is where you enter any flavor that you want, after entering that flavor, click “Search” and a new format will come up. Then you see the slightly lower red arrow on the right side near the top? Hit “Rating” and you will see the highest rated flavors. If you already know all this stuff, then ignore me, lol. I’m sure you already know more than I do.
I don’t do any RTA’s due to a nerve disease and I don’t create any recipes of my own. I just buy factory coils and copy and make the recipes for my own use.


I see, thank you for sharing, i will check it out!


I mix at 70Vg or higher and use RTA’s.

Try and keep the recipes simple, you don’t usually get all the nuances with different layers as you do in DL recipes so I try to keep it at 3 to 4 flavours.

I do a lot of custards and will generally use a main flavour (Inw Cust, Cap VC1 etc) a supporting flavour (another weaker custard or cream) and a “highlight” flavour (usually strawberry for me). I generally add some biscuit or cookie (low %) to help round the recipe out a little.