Diy juice IS IT ANY GOOD

has anyone used any of the diy juice??? IF SO IS IT ANY GOOD

I haven’t bought any retail liquid for a few weeks now. I just started making my own a few weeks ago. And my retail supply is going to run out by the time my own juices finish steeping.

There is a lot to it. If you are willing to put in the time to learn and the startup investment for equipment, flavors, and base liquids it’s well worth it. And it’s not only as good as what you can buy retail, but you can tailor your liquids to your tastes. So it’s actually better.

Plus the folks here are extremely helpful at getting you started. So get busy reading. It is a very rewarding hobby, and in the end you will save a lot of money.


Nope, never tried it…I’m sure someone around here has though


Retail juice is pretty much just someone else’s DIY juice with good marketing and a 1000% markup. :heavy_dollar_sign:

So just like retail juice, DIY juice is only as good as the juice-crafter’s experience, skill, and/or research. Everything else is hype.


Lol @DarthVapor


Well i have been doing for this a little while now. I got stuff from flavor envy. And they have good quality, but not a very good selection. I know i will stay with there VG an PG and there nic. The taste is very good. ive got a order in with wixard labs. Lots of choices and a damn good price. and i steep mine with ultrasonic bath. its steeped in 3 days that way… i have way more made then i can vape. lol

I’m not familiar with their products, but a bit of googling has me believing Nicotine Labs = Flavor Envy = Delosi. Here’s a couple links ya might like to click. There’s info in them there databases!

Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken!


Yes this is correct, but, also add =Vapor Shots. That was the original name for this company…


Guess I should have searched the forums too!

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Ah yes, I remember that one. Yes, they were Vapor Shots originally and they were also the very first flavor company I bought from. They were a bit high priced as Vapor Shots but when they changed hands they raised prices so high I swore I would never buy from them again. I even emailed them to make sure they knew it as well. Since then I have been able to replace almost all their flavors with something as good or even better, BUT, I found that I was unable to replace their Watermelon or their Honeydew. These 2 flavors by them were the real thing. Those two flavors tasted like the real fruit and basically were unreplaceable in a couple of my premium blends. So, a couple months back bit the bullet and I did buy these 2 flavors in big bottles…

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it’s not something we do around here normally…


Love it mate love it. :+1::smile::joy:


Nop, but sometime think to make DIY e juice but then I will stop don’t know why. If anybody tried please share your recipe.

I got all my flavors from wizard lads. But i did order some diy juice and will be here this week. Eager to see how they are. Will let yall know what i think.

By “diy juice” are you referring to the juice made by One Stop DIY Shop?

Im not sure what shop. It just says by diy. It was off ebay. Diy flavorings. It was just one flavor

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. So what you initially said was a bit confusing since you’ve come to a forum where everyone makes their own DIY juice. Just making sure we’re on the same page now, cuz I sure as heck wasn’t on my previous reply!

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That was why I asked. I figured it was a purchased juice. :stuck_out_tongue: I know OSDIY sells a line of e-liquid, but if it was off ebay, I’m guessing it was someone’s ‘personal’ DIY…?

@sillyrabbit do you have a pic of the bottle/label that you could post? I’m curious now. :smile:

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Ok thanks. I was wondering what diy ment. And when i get it in i will post it for you jojo. So far everything i got feom wizard labs is great and what I’ve got from nicotine labs or flavor envy is really good.

Just don’t buy their Mango or Nicotine and you should be alright…

PS, don’t buy WL Nicotine either, Use Heartland Vapes for nicotine !!!