DIY Newbie for sure!

Hello,I have been vaping since August last year and have managed to quit smoking after 40 yrs thanks to vaping.I’ve been trying some diy e-liquids for a couple months now and have made some decent juice over the last couple of weeks.I cannot get over the taste of pg so i’m using all vg.My question is are there any really sweet standalone flavors that work well with all vg.Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Again,Karey


Congrats on quitting and welcome to the forum!! I’d say @Amy2 or @Ken_O_Where are the perfect people to ask about that. :wink: Either of you have some experience here? Also, @Walt_RealFlavors is the man behind Real Flavors, aka Northwest VG Flavors at ECX.


I was a sweet junkie when I started vaping, and I guess I still am. But I was vaping fruity stuff from my local vape shop at first. And then I found out about diy and this forum. The rabbit hole as they say. And since then I have moved on to vaping desserts mostly. But I still love the sweeter candy flavors.

What I have learned, is if a flavor is made to taste like a sweet food item, usually that flavor is kinda sweet too. I have heard there is a company that sells a really sweet VG. But I don’t know who that is. But there are sweeteners you can use. Marshmallow is one. Pyure (liquid Stevia from places like Walmart) is another.

Others are Sucralose and Ethyl Maltol (Cotton Candy flavoring is Ethyl Maltol). But most do not use those because Sucralose will gunk up your coils, and Ethyl Maltol will mute flavors. So I stick to Marshmallow to add sweetness.

Other sweet flavorings I can think of are Brown Sugar, Caramel, and Sweet Cream. There are many more. The list would be huge though if every sweet flavor was listed here.

It would be a good idea to search the recipes on here and read the comments and recipe desription for info on sweetness. If you are curious post a comment to the recipe and ask.

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Hi Karey and welcome to the forum. Thank you @JoJo for the mention.

Karey you want to know stand alone single flavors that are great and are VG based ? ( hope I am correct ? )

Look into LorAnn’s Natural Line
Both of these are thick lush and delicious glycerine based flavors that are wonderful and are Packed Full of flavor.
If your going about an All vg blend I am curious of your devices ?

You can thin your juice batch with distilled water but I wouldn’t go over 1% ( Bc there flavor will be muted and your already working w/ vg flavors that being said vg isn’t the best flavor carrier ) or you can use a few drops of Real Lemon juice per batch to thin it will lend a bitterness so be aware it works for overly sweet juices you’d like to tame.

Northwest Flavors or like jojo said real flavors ( the NWF is the same as real flavors but NWF is the rebottled variety )
These are All Vg based flavors!

Strawberry ( my favorite )
Cinnamon custard
Blueberry Acai pomegranate
Strawberry milk
Pink burst
There’s many more I like of these trouble is when I do make a juice w/ high vg it isn’t as flavorful and I will have to put in some flavors w/ pg to make the vg pop. Walt who may get a chance to chime in here can certainly add to tips and tricks as well as Ken when dealing with Vg based flavors. Using Malic ( Sour) or citrus acid to help increase the overall flavor it helps them " pop" and gives them their needed boost.

Maple ( not syrup just the flavor is a glycerine based flavor )

Blueberry candy ( there is a variety that isn’t pg )

Cherry blossom ( again another variety that isn’t bound by pg )

Liquid Barn
Several VGD ( vg dominate ) flavors in there selections !


Just started vaping medicine flower, 100% vg. So far so good


Hey @rks959! Congratulations on quitting! That is a huge step!

If you are looking for a super sweet flavor, I would personally recommending getting a “candy base” flavor and adding it to a fruit of your choice. For example adding candy base to our peach will make it taste like a peach gummy ring… Yummy (Now I know why I am fat -.-)


Hello and thanks for the help.I’m really getting a little frustrated with trying to find a sweet vg juice…Seems that most recipes call for pg.I’ve made some juice with fa fuji,fa forest fruit,tfa ripe strawberry and they all taste like pretty much nothing.Just an awful lot of vapor.Any more information you can send me will be very much appreciated.

Thanks Amy2,I am definitely going to check in to those LorAnn’s Natural Line flavors.Right now i’m using an ipv5 and a smok tfv4 tank.They really work great together.I really appreciate your help.

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What flavor %ages are you using? perhaps you need to bump them up a bit …especially considering you are using max vg.

If you’re after a sweet standalone, I’ve just got in some TFA Black Honey. I mixed up a 5ml tester @ 5% & tried after 4 days. I was most pleasantly surprised - I was expecting something pretty sickly & it wasnt at all… nice honey sweet (dunno where the tobacco is tho - yet to come I guess, but that is a back note). You might wanna give it a go…