DIY Nic Salts Recipes Are Harsh

Hey there!

I’ve started experimenting with Nic salts and the juices come through harshly as I vape, it goes away then comes back again.

It’s a 35mg recipe, I know that’s quite strong but commercial 35mg juice doesn’t cause harshness like that at all.

I phoned my supplier where I am and they suggested mixing in a different order:

  1. Flavourings
  2. Pg and Vg
  3. Shake
  4. Add Nic salts
  5. Shake again

This seems to have helped a bit but I’m still getting harshness and my goal is to have it be smooth from start to finish.

Anyone out there have some experience with mixing with Nic salts that can help?


@Demo_Jones, I can’t use salts due to causing coughing. I’m not exactly sure what changing the order of mixing ingredients would do for solving harshness, as all the same ingredients will be in the final mix.

35mg IS pretty strong, and despite the fact that you’ve vaped some commercial at that strength with no issues, there are a LOT of different salts out there, and brands. I would suggest backing down the strength for YOUR salts, and increase as needed.


Thanks for the input! I was considering changing brands and seeing what happens.

What’s weird is that changing the mixing order has definitely made a difference. My supplier said something about the nicotine reacting to the flavourings. I’ve mixed a lot with freebase nicotine and it didn’t cause the same problem but I’m assuming the higher concentration of the nicotine salts is causing a faster reaction? Maybe, maybe not.

I’m currently trying a different flavour recipe and testing if there’s a problem that side. Also gonna try the Nic salts in a flavourless juice to see if the salts are harsh on their own.


Thanks bro!

Nude nicotine might be a challenge to get where I live (south Africa) but if all else fails I’ll try that.


There are salts that are very smooth and salts that have a throat hit. You possibly got the Salts with a hit …Probably gonna have to find smooth salts


Yeah I’ll be trying a different brand soon, will report what worked for me when I find it


Welcome and glad you joined.


Okay so here we go, update:

I tried a flavourless 35mg juice with the Prime Nic Nic salts that I had. No harshness at all so the Nic salts are definitely oxidizing with the flavour Concentrates.

My supplier told me that going above 25 mg with Nic salts by Prime Nic tends to lead to harshness, particularly with certain flavours…

I’ve exchanged it for the other brand that they stock (Gold Nic) which is supposed to be less harsh. On first test (35mg) it is less harsh but for some reason it tastes strongly of tobacco.

Will continue testing (perhaps testing another flavourless one) and report back!

P.S. if this doesn’t work out I’m going to get the money to buy some nude nicotine Nic salts. If anyone has experienced challenges with this brand then please let me know so that I can approach it proactively


Okay, here’s the final update;

The Gold Nic Nic Salts taste terrible even at low strengths (6mg)

After complaining to my supplier again they offered to replace what I had bought with the nic salts that they provide to manufacturers. The difference is significant! The Pure Plus Nic salts that they provided has very little flavour and no harshness up to 35mg strength.

I’m not sure what the reason is for not supplying DIY mixers with good quality Nic salts, but it seems to be the case in my country as the only places I’ve found that sell good quality nic salts (such as Nude Nicotine) in my country don’t sell to the public.

After these Nic salts are finished I’m probably going to have to order from overseas. Gonna give Nude Nicotine a try and see what other options there are as well.

Thanks for everyone’s help and support!