I started mixing after checking some of his and the New Amsterdam tutorial mixing video’s out.I am pretty sure that is a common story with the majority of our members here.
I agree with JoJo and can’t fault him for saying his site is better.He has a business to promote and for all I know it may be better for some , just not myself.:grinning:

I do give him mad props for not only his teaching style but the way he presents himself and the way he represents this lifestyle we have in common.Just guessing here but I bet he is responsible for getting more people into DIY than all the other youtubers combined.IMO his popularity has helped to get us not only more flavors but better flavors as well.:yum:

I have been to his site a couple of times but don’t have a membership there but I have no problem with the money aspect of it.I wish him much success and happiness and I appreciate all the help he has given myself and the countless others.:+1:


I’m not paying to use the site but i have looked on there, its a great resource site with tons of info / experience.

From the DIYorDIE membership page:

The DIYORDIE MIXER’S MEMBERSHIP is the best way to receive all
the best recipes, flavor notes, reviews, articles, coupons, and
giveaways coming out of DIYorDIE.

The membership includes:

  • Access to InTheMix Magazine
  • One Previous Month of InTheMix Magazine
  • Access to the FlavorBook
  • Exclusive Access to certain videos and posts
  • Coupons from top vaping vendors
  • Chance to write for InTheMix and get paid $$$

Between the Coupons & chance to write for InTheMix you have the chance to save / earn money from that membership.

The way things are documented on that site are very well organised, for example: The Flavor Book

As for the comment about him saying DIYorDIE is better than ELR, he probably saw certain aspects in his site that were better but then, his site is a completely different format.

Waynes really pushing DIY and sharing his experiences which is what we also do here, so we are the same, working towards one end result, great e liquid

Happy Vaping!


i would like to listen to that. Do you have any more info, so that i may find it?


that idea has been around ( @et3rn1ty milkstone) but how he did it with ecx was brilliant.

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Much Loooove

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I think his forum is what you have to pay for, like we’re doing here, there, we have to pay…At least that’s how I understand it, but I may be wrong?

you also get full access to his flavor bible I was tempted to pay just for that tbh from what I have seen its worth having its really well written and could be a great resource for a newbie


I gladly pay the $3.00 for all the info available.I have learned a ton from his magazine,videos and live podcasts.Hell i can spend more then that getting breakfast at BK…I like his enthusiasm and passion for DIY.
Wayne no longer has a forum on the site.He does have an active face book page…
He has added a hot line number to call him and ask a question.You can get him or one of his cronies or he will answer it on his next live mixing show…The number is 732-703-7298.
For all he does I support him…Has made me a better mixer.


It’s 3 bucks a month for a membership. Which includes his monthly E-magazine, flavor notes and podcasts.
I’m relatively new here, but I’ve been on DOD’S Facebook group for quite some time.
All a bunch of great people (like) and a very non toxic community.


Mr. Walker probably has to pay people to do all the stuff we do for free on ELR…you guys realize this is like an information commune here where we all chip in and enjoy the Socialistic meal at the end of the day. Apologies to any Conservatives who decry Socialism as a bad thing (insert generalization here) …looks like we’re all proud Comrades sitting at a Table of Plenty I love you guys, even tho clearly you are all a buncha Communists/Marxist/DIY fanatics. (these are jokes damnit! too far?)

Na Zdorovie :beers:


@leadpipe58 exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you

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That’s not the real number is it? Is that publicly available?

Oh my… did you really just inject politics Mr. BoDarc?

Go sit in the corner! You are lucky I’m in a good mood today, or you’d get a spanking.

Hush now. Go…


The guy is trying to make a living helping people out, its his full time job. $3 a month is a great deal for the content he provides. I subscribe to his site.

Yeah, almost all of the information he provides can be found elsewhere, however, you have to be actively looking for it. If you are a new mixer, you don’t know what you don’t know. So having someone tell you specifics can stop you in your tracks and save you making a ton of mistakes.

The magazine is pretty well put together, I think you get about 30-40 pages a month, and some of those are full screen pictures, but there is a good amount of decent information there.

If you’re serious about mixing, and you still have a ton of questions I think its a good resource.

I prefer the community here, hands down.


You don’t have to pay for my site. I give out TONS of information, videos, podcast, and recipes out for free. I’m a strong believer that recipes in DIY should ALWAYS remain free. I offer a subscription service for the InTheMix Magazine (a DIY centered eZine with dozens of pages of DIY info I write up a month), the flavorbook (fully tested flavor notes), and a bunch of “secrets”. I never claimed my site was better than ELR, it’s not even in the same realm. I offer a service for those who want information, tips, and recipes, from a mixer they know and trust. That’s all.


and it’s less than 1 flavoring a month for all that info. If you don’t see that information as important as one FA flavoring, or 1 FLV flavoring, then you still get tons of information and recipes for free.


Yees Ma’aaam …but before I go

Capitalism is a core part of Sustainability. Politics aside, making money means we can look forward to many more years of DIYorDIE. If you love ELR keep contributing ideas/chat/$$$ so we can sustain this little place we call home. I say “Tear down this wall~!” …oh sorry …I was going over here to this corner [looks at shoes]


I don’t see any issues with paying for the quality of info these guy’s put out, it’s their living, it’s what they do, sure there’s a lot of free content out there but it certainly isn’t all quality.
Personally I love Wayne’s recipes, and the guy is knowledgeable man, he’s made it his business to help us get better by informing us, if he did a 9 to 5 you probably wouldn’t get that so sure, he needs to get some bank in return for that commitment.
I subscribe to his website now, it’s like £2.20 a month or something, it’s nothing, and I learn heaps from it.
I also donate monthly to ELR now as well because the value I get from this website absolutely should not be for free, so a tenner a month for the pair is an absolute steal for me, I have no issue with that AT ALL. gotta keep the wheels oiled as a wise man once said to me :wink:…(and also…I had Netfilx…NEVER used it, so i just cancelled it…so i don’t even notice the tenner going to these 2 sites and I WILL use them…and continue to annoy you lot :smiling_imp:…no brainer)


All I know is DIY or DIE and New Amsterdam Vapes got me here on ELR and I Appreciate them both and everyone here also :sunglasses:


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