DIY shop for excited impatient beginners

Once I discovered I could DIY ejuice recipes, I have ordered in batches, concentrates that seem to enable a long list of mixes. To the point - does anyone have a preferred shop that has 1) expedited shipping; 2) prompt departure from the source; 3) great selection…?


I would begin at Best customer service on the planet.

This is the preferred scale to mix on.


Ecigexpress. Aka ecx. Free shipping after you hit a certain dollar amount. As for csa, when there is a problem they are quick to fix

Bull city vapor. Aka bcv. Same deal, free shipping at a certain rate. Haven’t needed to contact them for a cs issue. Wink wink.

Both ship pretty quick.


Ditto what Chrispdx said.

BCV amazes me with how fast they ship - usually within hours of the order. Granted, this usually means that they just printed a label, but it would appear that they are at least working on the order and gathering items together. I get both BCV and ECX orders within 3 days for free shipping - I’ve never had to get stuff faster.

Selections at both are fantastic, though it always seems that one of them is out of something I want while the other has it. And vice versa! It seems that either both have everything (usually), or both are missing one different item each.


'Preciate the feedback mates

I’ve only ordered from BCV and Wizard Labs (only once from WL because I prefer plastic). If I order from BCV on a monday early enough for them to ship it that day (usually by 3pm or so), I’ll get my order on wednesday. It only took longer once because of a massive snow storm down south last winter. I’m in MI, they are in NC. Only problem is I’m spoiled now and expect quick shipping wherever I order online.

Free shipping @ BCV is for $75+ orders.

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I agree about Nicotine River. Their shipping is fast and FREE (2 days for me) and they have everything you need from VG/PG to Nic to flavors plus any hardware you want