DIY sweetener base using powdered sucralose?

Hello members. Has anyone made their own DIY PG or VG based sweetener base utilizing powdered Sucralose? There is the pure powder sucralose, which comes in different sizes. The one I found on Amazon is by Wholesale Health Connection - Sucralose Powder 50g (1665 Servings).

A reiewer on amazon said “I used it to make homemade e-liquid sweetener and it only takes adding about 2.5mg per 15ml of p.g. or distilled water as a base. Any more powdered sucralose than that and it becomes very hard to control the sweetness level”.

If you have, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.



Yes I do it. 10% volume by weight. I spent $19 I have 100ml with enough left over to make another couple litres more


Oh wow Volition. That’s awesome. I put an order in for a 50g bag, so I’m sure it will last. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your preference for dilution, PG or VG?


I use PG it’s easier to manage. Being thinner etc.


I’d personally recommend using Stevia Leaf powder as opposed to sucralose.

One, Stevia doesn’t gunk coils, like sucralose does. (Retail liquids that I’ve used had a ton, and those coils typically lasted 3-4 days for me.)

Two, it’s generally considered to be much safer (as it doesn’t contain the same sugar components that sucralose does).

No long term data to back any of it at this time mind you. Just sharing the current prevailing opinions.


Hi Sprksklfly. Thank you for your recommendation. I have not considered Stevia Leaf powder. I will purchase some and try it as well.

I use liquid stevia at times for my coffee as well, however it always seems to leave a bitter aftertaste; even with the alcohol free versions. Have you experienced this with the powdered version?


I have not. But, given the 100% pure extract suggests using 1/80th of a teaspoon per serving… Be careful when mixing your base solution (in other words, leave yourself room to add more PG).

Be sure to note that the majority of what you’ll find on Amazon are NOT 100% Stevia Leaf. Most are 95-99%, several listing seeds/stems/etc. For me, the distinction is important. YMMV. (There’s a thread on here somewhere - search bar rocks! - that has a post I made not long ago before pulling the trigger, which contains a pic of the only one I found in St Louis which was 100%)

FWIW, I do get the bitter after taste you refer to when using certain other polysaccharides (Sweet-n-Low, Splenda, etc). To me (at least so far) there’s just an intrinsic difference between those and Stevia. But, I have not tried a liquid Stevia yet (primarily because they always have other additives. If I want malic acid, etc… (and I’m sure as I progress, I’ll use some of those too) I’ll add it myself. (After having made a PG base for each as well).

More and more, the best part of DIY is, being able to make it EXACTLY as you want it!!


Thank you for your expertise, and I agree, the best part of DIY is making it exactly as you want it. My friend @Norseman has turned me onto DIY and I’m beginning slowly.

I’ll be sure to dig around and try to find your post on the 100% powdered Stevia to make a DIY PG based sweetener.


Received 50g USP sucraose that was under $14 including shipping. I’m wondering two things: 1. my understanding is that CAP Super Sweet is approximately a 20% concentration of (from their ingredient list: Water, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate) & I have also read that it is more easily dissolved in water than PG or VG. Does anyone have any experience making the concentrate dilution @ >20%? 2. The product package indicates that you can add potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate as preservatives or else they recommend refrigeration after dissolving (in water or VG). Being that the product’s intended use is for eatable consumption it makes sense that they don’t offer advice on dilution with PG, BUT, it would seem to me that utilizing PG would make refrigeration unnecessary as it is an antibacterial ingredient?

You mean you can use PG instead of distilled water to dilute it? sorry if it’s a dumb question I just started diy because of flavor ban and I don’t want to mess it up lol


There’s some good info hereabouts on using powdered Stevia (for example) diluted into PG. It helps a lot if the PG is warmed up a bit.



Yes, I have been using PG to make a 10% solution (that does not need refrigeration or preservatives) for a couple years now. If you use distilled water it will limit the shelf life and need to refrigerate it as well.


Great! Thank you for more info.


Thank you so much that is a big help!