DIY Tobacco ejuice beginner

I am new and wanna try mixing today I have aboy 8 different tobacco flavorings and I will be using a 10 or 15 millileter bottle well both I wanted to make a few I love desert ship by zeus e juice and I have that flavoring and my pg,vg nicitine actually I have 12 mgm unflavored nic base and I wanna know how much desert ship to vape like the one from zues e juice I love it and wanna make my own:) any help would be appreciated.

It depends on which brand of Desert Ship you have. Take a look at the flavour list and search for your brand, it will tell you what percentage the average user puts in their liquid.

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It is flavor art 10 millileter bottle and I wanted to start off making a 15 millileter bottle

Average percentage used for that one is 2.4% that’s 0.36 ml for a 15 ml bottle. If you go to the recipe site and click create recipe you can use the calculator.
You can adjust anything there and see what amount to use. You will have to let it steep for about a month though to get the flavour to really blend. If then you find it too weak, you can add some more flavour to it.

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Thank you are there any ejuice tobaccos to mix and vape quickly? or that are ok vapable? I will check it out but it has seperate sections for pg and vg mine is combined 12 mgm 50/50 unflavored nicitine dont know how to convert that though.

Just put in 12mg nicotine and check the max VG box, that’ll save you the headache :grinning:
Add your flavours, I’m afraid tobacco needs to steep, most shake and vape recipes are fruits, personally not a big fan. It’s always difficult when you’re just starting out waiting for it to steep. Once you’ve got going and have a bunch of bottles, you just make more. You can vape the ones that are ready while you’re waiting for the others to steep.

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Thank you this helps

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Please let us know how it turns out!