DIY too much juice or make something you dont like? Read on

So i recently became a mod at /r/vapeitforward. If you have something you’ve made or bought and dont like it but think someone else might you can vape it forward to someone in need and there are always people in need during the holidays.

There are some rules in the sidebar you may want to look at first. Hopefully you can get rid of some of your overstock/unwanted liquids and help someone in return.

Happy Vaping!


Thats a great site! The only comment I have is that pif’ing diy mixes may not be a good thing. I know what I put in my juice but others may not. I know my juice comes from a clean mixing area but when you get a juice from another person’s home you don’t know thats the case or that its safe. But I’m funny like that lol. I don’t eat at potluck dinners at work because I don’t know where they came from either.

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I think it’s a great idea, but I also agree to knowing where it comes from. Maybe great for donating newer items like mods that come with safety chips and so on are great for that…so you don’t blow off your face.

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Believe me when i say that most people over there arent very picky. Many of them dont have enough money to buy bottles of liquid and would rather vape DIY than scrape up enough money to buy smokes.