DIY Video: 40ML by weight

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Cant play the video here

I changed the settings on this over at YouTube, no more need to sign in to see. The player shows up for me on this page, not sure why it didn’t work for you? It hopefully will work now.

The mix come out pretty decent, I am pleased. Crystal clear in the morning, I let it stir overnight. Ex smokers like me will testify (I smoked for around 35 years), nothing…I mean absolutely nothing tastes as good as a actual cigarette. I don’t think there is any lquid flavor that can replicate the actual smoke taste coming off a real cigarette. This is not to shabby of a mix though, one of my better attempts. The Cuban Cigar mellows it out a bit, the True Tobacco gives it a slight ash tray taste, and the Turkish Flavor kind of compliments the mix. Those who were able to watch this video may have noticed I like to keep the flavors totals under 10% of the mix, this one is at 7.5%. If I let this steep a week or two it may lose some of it’s punch. I’m hitting this right away after one night of stirring and pleased with the batch. It’s a keeper. I am detecting a very, very slight hint of clove with is kind of nice and unexpected.