Diyordie simple blue raspberry candy

Hey I’m wondering if anyone has tried this recipe. ELR notes don’t recommend FLV Boysenberry over 4%


FLV Boysenberry 5%
LA Raspberry 4.5%
OTHR Ethyl Maltol 0.25%
FW Sweetener 0.25%
STEEP Short Shake & Vape


doot doot doot

body is unclear

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I haven’t tried this specific recipe, but I have made several recipes with FLV Boysenberry. I can tell you that I find it pretty harsh over 4%. With that being said, the EM may tone it down a bit for this recipe, but I’d probably just cut the EM and mix the Boysenberry at 4%.

But that’s just my two cents! Happy mixing!!


Why do I get this funny feeling this is a pod recpie???


that would make sense… ive been doing some pod recipes and only use two flaves at most with an enhancer of some type …


Give it a try mate and see if it works i have been seeing a few people using alpine strawberry at .75 and even 1% apparently they like it lol but after testing it at .15% i am hesitant to go that high but want to mix them to prove myself wrong.


ya i cant see a need going above .25 with th Alpine unless it was a pd recipe , but id think .50 would do the job


I don not even use that much in a total flavored recipe for pods.

Flavor waste is a shame. Especially with how much FLV can run cost -wise…
My last pod recipe… and I did use a bunch of flavors… total flavoring amount is 2.4%

In fact I sit here wondering… I rarely take any “main” flavor over 1-1.2% as there just isnt no reason to do so… I have pods, mtl tanks, and just picked up the new baby avenger mod (Need more batteries for it) but hot damn… what a way to confuse anyone starting out with Ultras!

*NOTE: this is of MY own opinion… you may disagree or agree with me, either way… up to the end user.

Puff puff…


Not to knock Wayne, and I am no expert, but he seems to go way over board when using FLV,imo.


@NChris I have to say, there are a lot of people that do this, it is not just Wayne.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.
9 ways to skin a cat… I could go on.

I have found the way I learned on ultras, also works for every single manufacture out there, if and only if you are willing to take time, find the process I use, taking flavors from the extreme lowest and working them up… only then will you really find the spots needed to make the best juice possible. Most just want a quick solution yesterday and it better be the best. Too bad we live in an instant society.

However, what is good for me, yeah might not be good for others… Mix on! :smile:


Hey Smoky, I’m familiar with your work, that’s part of why I asked. I just need more FLV to mix your recipes.


@802Snowyowl, More contests, did you say?? :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know I have one coming up between Christmas and New Years on FB… will pop a link up here before it happens! :tada:


So I mixed this up, it’s pretty good for 12mg nic salt in aspire breeze 2, 12W pod as a SNV.

  1. Capella Flavors
    Super Sweet Solution 0.50
  2. Flavor Apprentice
    Cotton Candy Circus Flavor 1.00
  3. Flavorah
    Boysenberry Flavoring 5.00
  4. Flavour Art
    Raspberry 2.30

typical all @Flavorah recipe… :slight_smile:

30ml using bottle drops:
(1 drop=.02g)

2 Sweetness (not really needed)
6 Cotton Candy
12 Boysenberry
9 Red Raspberry (regular is to me just like berries, the red is more candy like)

% based for those that do not mix by weight:

1% Boysenberry
.8% Red Raspberry (regular is to me just like berries, the red is more candy like)
.12% Sweetness (not really needed)
.2% Cotton Candy

I’d have used some candy roll .12% (this flavor is either neglected or abused going way too high!)

Just my thoughts on how I would mix this.

{Personally I’d toss in all the blues, and the reds with a touch of cotton candy and candy roll, a touch of cream to smooth things all out nice and rolly!}


I wasn’t paying attention really, reading forums while redoing my cotton.

I read 8%, closed the topic moved to a other thread… Then I thought wait it’s smoky, why 8%? Did she finally use 1 flavor above 1%? Nope I just can’t read lol got me with that one!

Still thanks for sharing do appreciate it.


Just added to my shipping list. Thanks, I can’t wait to try this recipe.