DK (TFA) Flavor

Can anyone tell me what spice or strange flavor is in DK by TFA? I have noticed this same flavor profile in a few other tobacco concentrates I have purchased. My closest guess is clove.

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What is DK?

As it stands right now, for me it means Don’t Know. :laughing:


I’ve never had it but read some reviews were people talked about a corn chip flavour.

I think it stands for Dekang.


On the TPA website they state:

Sweet tobacco with a hint of nut.

Adding to what @Josephine_van_Rijn stated, in a few other forums members say:

  • It is “comparable to 555”.
  • Appley/perfumy notes in the DK Tobacco flavoring - ECigaretteForum

It was probably not helpful info anyway.


“…paging Dr. Silly …Dr. Silly please report to Google-ology” and BooM Science!
I concur Dr.
@Fretman7 many of these chemical anaysis are available under the Flavor Search on ELR Home or you can google “FlavorName VendorName MSDS” (DK The Flavor Apprentice MSDS)

…don’t make me dooon’t make me :wink:

…and check out some recipes using DK II (TPA)


OMG Brilliant. LMAO

I am talking like my 10yr old nephew now LOL

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Oh No! it was exactly what was needed! and You were exactly correct. Some companies hide behind Intellectual Property “Trade Secret” status but those MSDS sheets (when available) lay it all out and help us get more traction on learning what exactly is contained in these flavorings.

Deepest apologies if that came across as snark or criticism …was not the intention, but ASCII communication often fails to transmit intent. Sometimes there just aren’t enough emojis. Wait? you don’t want the crown “Dr. Silly”? because it was intended to say what I read was very smart, and that I concurred with your diagnosis …where’s that emoji button?

Hey look at that avatar and the “Unregulated” …there’s not a serious bone in my body


Sorry, I’m an idiot, I read it too fast :blush:, The reason I actually use the TPA Ingredient List, is that if you search individual ingredients on Good Scents Company, they give a better breakdown of usage and flavors. I was having a problem with some TPA flavors, and it took a bit of reading to figure out it was Furfural, I dislike anything that uses it. DK Tobacco 2 seems to have considerably less ingredients than the original, I wonder if that might make the difference.

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Naaah… Knowing which chemicals deliver that nutty/corny flavor from an MSDS sheet seems pretty smart to me …OMG! I just realized I need an MSDS sheet for my jokes …then I can at least blame the nutty/corny stuff on something :wink:

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