DKS Flavors

Has anyone purchased or experienced DKS flavors? They’re an Italian company. I never have seen anything about this company til I was looking through One Stop DIY Shops inventory.

EU people? Suggestions?

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I can’t help you, I’ve never heard of them.

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We have a 15% discount code with them: ELRECIPES

I am currently speaking with them :slightly_smiling:

Not many flavors/recipes we have though


OSDIY quit restocking DKS back in July according to a post from the owner in a FB group I’m in. Probably cuz they’re so obscure?

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Nice! Well, I found out the same info as @zigz yesterday from OSDIY in an email response from them about DKS. They said the flavors never caught on here in the States, they were more expensive than most other flavorings and we’re going to be discontinued from their line. Thus, the low sale price on DKS on the OSDIY site.

I was about to press the buy button, but figured I didn’t want to start loving a flavor and then not be able to get my hands on it! :rage: Guess I’ll never know if their tasty or not! :pensive:

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