DNA 200 and contact coils in TC

I came across this post and figured I’d give it a shot…

great looking build. i see youre insistent on making dual ni coils, lol. arrrrggggggg. try a single one first. make absolutely sure they’re an equal number of wraps if their gonna be dual coil. im telling you if you have some ti grade 1 you’ll be much happier. you can do contact coils with ti. overall easier to work with.

I’m getting mixed results with contact coils. I did a contact build on the Omega and it was more flavorful than then the spaced build I had in before.

I tried a contact build on the TFV4 and the Goliath v2 it was lackluster. One thing I did notice is there is even more of a break in period for contact coils. I may have gone overboard with the TFV4 tough… I’m gonna leave these builds in for a bit to see if there is any improvement of flavor.

The TC does perform as expected, so no problems there.

TFV4… 10 wraps, 22g Ti, 2.5mm ID…

The Goliath v2, .5mm Ti, 2.5mm ID, 8 wraps…

This one was the best… 10 wraps, 22g Ti, 2.5mm ID… in the Omega… Flavor is fantastic on this build.


Are you firing/compressing? What are you doing similar to or different from a contact kanthal build?

I do a very light fire and strum the coils to make the fire inside out. 22g Ti can handle fire much better than the higher gauges.

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