DNA 200 died mid vape!

Hello everyone I am just curious if anyone has been having problems with their DNA 200 mods. Mine just died the other day mid vape, I thought that maybe it was the battery went and tried a new battery and still dead. My DNA 200 was the HCIGAR VT200 it is not even 6 months old. Am super gutted :frowning:

There is a fuse on the board. I’m willing to bet it popped. Did you ever check the settings in the e-scribe software? There is a setting to adjust the initial pulse sent to the coil. On many mods, this was set to 200W by default. This has been shown to be the probable cause for the fuse to blow. Check your options for warranty coverage from both HCigar, and the vendor that sold you the mod.


Hcigar has a 1 yr warranty - if the device was purchased from an authorized distributor. Contact the vendor you bought it from. Next step would be to contact Hcigar. If it can be determined that the board itself crapped out, Evolve is really good about repair/replacement. Contact them if the options 1 & 2 don’t work.

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Damn Johan and Brad, you are supposed to leave a little bit of help for others to offer :smiley:
Haha. I was going to say the same thing Brad did about the fuse. I had two DNA 200 mods go out the same fay. One was the fuse, the other wouldn’t charge through the USB port.

And I have also read Evolv are super cool at customer support. Fortunately for me they are only a state away.

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From my experience Evolv is second to none when it comes to customers support. my opus DNA 200 failed the hardest part to figure out was send mod to Ohio to get repairs by opus or have new board sent to me and install it my self from Ohio the fuse is not that bad to replace.or test But my board failed. So Nick from evolv sent me a new board and screen. I will say this they are tiny real tiny not a easy task to replace .

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Yeah, I was looking at mine. It could be changed out. But it would lead to a day filled with bad language and holes in my wall.

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Hahahahahahaha! I know the feeling, but instead of smashing up the hotel I just sucked it up and went and bought a RX200, I have contacted Hcigar but no response from them, but after reading some stories on the net was not expecting too much from them. The store I bought it in Kuala Lumpur was no help either but thanks for the idea about getting in touch with Evolv but the only problem is I am in Malaysia until middle of June but will still send them an email. Thanks for the suggestions guys have a great day!!!

Well figured I do a follow up after 4 months of trouble free service averaging 10,000 puffs a month from the Opus DNA 200 nickel I named it and 5 months a friend has owend his Black one both purchased together I had a board failure in the nickel with in two weeks.had a new board in my hand in under a week I just Put in a order for two more Opus DNA 200 and some spare parts couple boards .I like the fact I can get spare parts for now and a real warranty not like some I have seen a lot of so called good deals on DNA 200 being offered at a low price to read the fine print 30 day return policy we are offering these as such a low price we made a deal with the manufacturer and there is no manufacturers warranty Chinese are great for that . The Opus hands down the best mod I have ever owned. Light weight but strong .very well built . The way the board is mounted to the aluminum box makes for a excellent heat sink .even using pass through charging yes I am putting a shout out to Opus and EvoIv i do that anytime I can talk about an American manufactured product . And with the new laws going in to effect soon .I want to be able to vape on a safer regulated vv vw temperature control device as long as possible but have enough Goody’s laying around to go back to duel 18650 Mech mod home made . I darn sure hope it dose not come to that .

What should it be set to on e-scribe? I just got a vt133

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At first I went ahead and set all my profiles for a 120 watt max on all profiles including the Ni200 that I do not use , just in case I accidentally hit that profile by accident.
I have six Dna 200 mods and have yet to have any problems , knock on wood.I think all but the first two mods I bought had already been changed to a 120 watt limit before it left the factory.
I have also changed a couple back to 200 watt start but only when using Temp Control , so I leave it at 200 but it stops as soon as it detects the 420 degrees that I have it set on.I think this option is only available on the latest Evolv update iirc.


I usually vape between 60 and 80w. I set the preheat to be 1.5x my target vape wattage. My temperature range is all over the map depending on the juice I’m vaping. Gets the coil ramped up quick and I never worry about the fuse blowing. That was a tip I had found in the Evolv forums. Since the VT133 is still the full DNA 200 board just throttled to 133 for the dual 18650s I would think same practice would apply.


How did you get e-scribe to work with mac ? I didn’t see mac on evolv’s site

I use Virtualbox to run Windows. I’m not going to lie. Setting it up was moderately difficult. Here’s the link to all the info on how to do it.


It even includes a link to download an official version of Windows for free. The free download does have an expiration date, but can be renewed up to 8 times I believe. After that I just recreate the install again.

Like I said, it’s a moderately difficult setup, but oh so worth it to really be able to unlock and tap into all that DNA200 has to offer.

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Thank’s I might just do it on my son’s pc

First thing to do is when hooked to e scrib the software will check for up dates and set up the batteries if there is a up date load it next if you plan on using the mod in temperature control set it up temperature as default rather than watts set the punch to 80 medium to start set up your wire profile that can be found in February up date for ss ti keep in mind there are three profiles you need on your device to operate kanthal or normal nickel titanium and SS and are all included in last up date stay away from the newer experimental one that you have to manually install one thing I noticed max watts is offen confused I have never reset mine since new it is 100 but that is in kanthal only not temperature mode the sky is the limit on preference of setup for instance I like to see board temp amount of amps and battery percentage of charge all those items can be changed to do whatever to say whatever you want to say that make sense to you takes a bit to get used to but it’s pretty cool

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Thank’s I will just use SS and Ti for TC

That would be the easy route. If you do try it on the Mac and need help just PM me. I can help you with it. :thumbsup:

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Kidney Puncher 316L TCR = 880

Got me there I am still learning TI I so far have only used wire profile from steam engine and evolv but here is a link to a quick run through on the DNA 200 playing with a Boreas thanks to this site lots of reading https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=281714058832488&id=115251002145462 and pro vape lol clean 22 GA TI spaced deep water and last but not least the Boreas

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I am confused, how did you try a new battery on the VT200? A new 3S-LiPo? My VT200 just died mid vape, had about 65% battery life, owned since January-February 2016. I have been able to hear the battery moving inside the unit for months. My assumption is that this allowed the contact(s) to loosen of blow the fuse… I will be searching for my receipt…hopefully in the box as it should be! Any other help would be great!