Dna20 kits

Anyone know where to a kit for a dna 20 all the parts for it

I haven’t seen a complete kit for a DNA 20 only the boards.Our resident mod builder @Whiterose0818 may be able to help.

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I can help…but I’m in bed.
Hit me tomorrow and I’ll get you started @cremeanddessertvaper

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Anyone can help switch dsna75 to dual celll amd a replacemnt battery tray for releaux dna200 i think truadectray mighy work too i usr soldet with silver

I’m going to reach out on a limb here and suggest that if you do this, expect some anomalies.

I can think of several issues that might arise. The battery meter not being accurate, charging related problems (if one battery charges faster than the other, does it stop charging?). Doubling the wear rate of the onboard charging components, since those components are now charging two batteries, instead of the one they were designed for. You’re guaranteed to change the impedance of the load that the charging circuit was designed for…

Even if you strictly use an external charger for charging the batteries, you’re still changing the way (and the load) the power supply section draws from the source. Personally, unless you damn near have an engineer’s degree in electronics, I would not recommend attempting to do such a mod with a device.

Now, if you wanted to convert it to another size of battery (say 26650 format, if it’s currently an 18650), then I would not have nearly the concern or reservations/cautions about doing so.

If you really want to go to dual battery format, I would suggest getting a DNA200 PCB, and going from there.

And that’s not even taking into consideration the programming of the EPROM (or at the very least, being able to read, understand, and modify Evolv’s custom firmware) to set operation mode (133w vs 200w, etc). Downsizing the fuse as appropriate for dual battery, vs triple battery, vs LiPo battery.

Bottom line, all I’m saying is that there is a LOT more that goes into a safe modification, than you might realize. Please consider your safety, as well as those who might ever be around you (loved ones, etc) before doing so. Some things are doable, some aren’t worth the “savings” or satisfying the “can I do it” curiosity! Unless of course, you’re technically qualified to do so. :wink:

Please be safe, regardless of your decision!

I did ecet at bcit already repaited dna200 board should be a piece of cake im just too lazy to buy the case metal and do all the vutting already have a lot of work