Do I have the basics to start with?

big thanks for all the info so far

And I have the gram scales on the list for my next order


You could just send them an email and ask. I’ve had it once when I ordered some flavours from a Dutch website and it didn’t have a brand name on the bottle. When I asked it turned out to be TPA, and welcome to the site!

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Well thought I would give it a bash seeing as I can’t order more flavours till the end of the month! And it’s not offensive straight from the mixing tube so can only be better after time I guess

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hey, im new to the forum and noticed this post, would it not change the mix to much by pre mixing the vg/pg and nic? as in when you are mixing all different percentages of flavouring?

As Darth stated, he mixes a base at 6mg. Then depending on how much flavoring he adds, the nic percentage will drop slightly because of the adding flavors being a percentage of the mix.

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Oh goody. My favorite kinda thread! One that is dear to my heart since I am still noobish and can reflect on my sucesses and failures because they just happened. And one that has drawn the attention of the pros here!

First off @SthrnMixer - damn nice info on mixing using main notes and secondary flavors. I bet you are a good cook. And @DarthVapor - great input!

Ok, my thoughts… I always like to share This Thread with all the new people here. It was put together by our dear sweet @JoJo here who is another very helpful regular. That thread straightened me right out!

I have accumulated well over 100 flavors in a month’s time. I did so by picking out a few recipes I wanted to make and I ordered those flavors. The mistake I made when I started was I thought I could just buy flavors and throw them together and make a vapable juice. I could sum this up by sharing This Thread of mine because you did something similar and bought a flavor from an unknown vendor (but at least you seem to have bought flavoring HAHA).

Trust me when I say this site has all the info you will ever need to learn to mix your own juices. But don’t just go buying flavors without knowing what to do with them. You may end up like I did - frustrated and confused. The best way to start in my opinion is mix a few recipes that are proven on here. Play around with the calculator, flavor stash, and browse the recipes page and get really familiar with how it all works. When you do you will have a good idea of how to research recipes, flavors, and how individual flavors are used. Then you will have more questions to ask. And so the learning cycle begins :wink:

Good luck! And welcome to the best place on the web to learn to enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours!


Personally I think making a base up ahead of time is the best way to go, unless you are mixing various mg for different people. I think it is just to tedious to have to pull out a 100mg nic, your VG and flavors and mix bottle by bottle.
I chose 6mg for my bases only because it makes the math a lot easier, but you can do whatever you like.

Then yes as I stated, I just use my base and add flavors accordingly. So if I made a mix with 50% flavoring then I would have a 3mg juice (not that I would ever make a 50% flavor mix)

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I would recommend using an ejuice calculator rather than making bases unless you vape a lot or are handing out juice to friends so it doesn’t degrade on you. I have found I have too much already made ejuice ready to vape and test and wouldn’t/should make another recipie until I get done with all me testing and succefull juices.

Sure, having a base makes things easier, but I have found it takes only a little forethought to pull out my 30ml bottle of 100mg nic from the freeze the morning of and just one extra pour. The only challenge or extra step is putting on a mask and eye protection but I only have to wear for 3mins because I add the nic to to 4-5 bottles I just whipped up.

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I may start doing that as well Darth. Makes sense because most of my mixes have been in the 15% range or so. You could always make up two or 3 bases. One for 10% flavoring recipes, one for 15%, and one for 20%. Do you store your bases in the freezer? I guess it’s really not necessary since the nic percentage is so much lower than a bottle of nicotine. Ya definitely got me thinking man.

I store the bulk of my nicotine in the freezer but not the bases. I read somewhere that freezing VG is a bad thing, so I avoid it. Granted my nic is VG based but not straight vg. Personally I don’t mind the variations of nic in my juices. They aren’t drastic and usually between 4-5ish, so I’m good with that.
Making juices for others though is a different story and I go bottle by bottle

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Good point. I will have to try that.

Unless of course they are fine with the level that you use.

Typically I make 2 liters at a time at 6mg. I was using 100mg nic at 50/50 for a while but now I have 100% vg nic again so I may change my base.

I can’t remember right off the top of my head on how 6 mg was easier for me on the math, I just remember it was 30 mg of nicotine per vg batch that I was making, so it was ridiculously easy. Now that I’m working with 100% VG I think the base will be different then what I have written down at home, so I may rework everything and even lower my nicotine in the base to around 4.

My mixes as of late have seemed to be around 10% flavoring, instead of my older mixes which seems to be around 20% or less. So I know my friends who prefer a 3mg juice will have no qualms with my new base and it being around 3.5 when I’m finished adding flavoring.
When I make my new base up tomorrow maybe I can work the math to make a base that’s at 3.5 but I wont know until I sit down.
I should point out that I make my bases to the size of the specific containers I have for them and not just make as much as I want, otherwise the math wouldn’t need to be precise

This is my route for tester mixes. It makes for 1 addition instead of 3, pg, vg and nic. My tester mixers are 14 mls and this speed things up a lot. I can crank out a tester mix in 10 minutes or less with this method.

All my mixes above 30 mls or if I’m mixing for someone else, I do add pg, vg and nic individually.

hey mate thanks for the reply :slight_smile: what i have done is make up 100ml of 85vg 15pg 6mg nic using the calculator… as i am only using 15 percent or there abouts in my juices :slight_smile: i was just getting myself all confused yesterday overthinking the ratios and percentages haha :slight_smile:

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No problem man! I just find it easier to go the base route, especially using the 100mg nic. No need to pull out my radiation suit everytime I want to make a 10ml tester :smile:

Question for ya though, what’s the base consist of for your nic? pg/vg 50/50? 100%?

I’ve been using 100mg nic liquid for a couple of years now. I don’t wear any protection at all. If mixing new recipes one at a time or batches it’s always the same. I add my nic first with a syringe, then a full syringe of pg to flush out the nic. Never had a mishap. I wonder…am I living dangerously or is there really little to be concerned with using this method? We aren’t really earthquake prone here and aside from that I can’t imagine the scenario where I would end up splashing a bunch on me.

I accidentally knock over a 1 liter 100mg nic bottle once. I made sure I’ll never do that again.

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I wear my gloves. But other than that I don’t worry about it too much. I have a spout cap on my nicotine bottle. So I just remove the little red cap and squeeze it in. I haven’t used syringes at all since I started mixing by weight. The most I could spill is a drop or two.


A tip that might be useful for you when acquiring new flavors. I keep a base mix (I dont typically use any nic) at 50/50, 60/40, whatever PG/VG ratio you like to mix. I keep about 30ml of that on hand right by my old man chair. Then, when I get a new flavor I will count out 50 drops of base and 1-3 drops of flavor. This gives me a nice little bit that I can vape in a dripper (RDA) on a mechanical mod. That way I can get a pretty good idea of the flavor as a shake and vape (no steeping). I’ll have a tasting session of 10 fruits or 8 tobaccos, whatever feels right and then put them into rotation for recipes in my head. Some folks taste a drop or two in a shot glass of water.

FWIW, I jumped in and ordered about 50 flavors just thinking I could mix anything together with those. I was very, very wrong. The shopping list function of this here website at which you are currently gazing is really helpful. It’s easy to add flavors from recipes that you want to try and then go buy those.

Welcome to the site, the hobby, and a whole new way to dispose of your income.


the nic i have is 72mg and VG base :slight_smile: