Do I increase the percentage of flavor when I increase the volume of juice?

Hi guys! I’m a new Diy’er and I have a question, ive tried searching but I keep bringing up tons of answers. Maybe my question is too confusing? Lol

My question is, if I have a recipe that I’ve tried & like & I wanna increase the total amount I want to make, do I increase the percentages of flavor concentrates to make a larger batch? For example

My 20 ml batch originally has
3% watermelon TPA
2% watermelon LA
5% watermelon candy TPA

Will my 50Ml batch have the same or do I need to up the percentages per flavor??

Thank you in advance and I apologize if my question has been asked & answered!


% don’t change they are a % the ml (or grams) will change

in your 20ml batch you would have used

0.6ml watermelon TPA 3%
0.4ml watermelon LA 2%
1ml watermelon candy TPA 5%

in your 50ml batch you would use

1.5ml watermelon TPA 3%
1ml watermelon LA 2%
2.5ml watermelon candy TPA 5%

Think you are misunderstanding what a % actually is


The percentages will stay the same, but the volume will increase. For example, 5% of 20ml is 1ml whereas 5% of 250ml would be 12.5 ml.

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Thank you!


Yes I was, I realized after I re read my own question. Thank you!


One thing to note. People do report that steep time may increase a bit when going from 30ml to 250mls. But what is really important is blending/mixing up your mix…it does require you spend the extra time to get the best end result.