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Do some brands of PG/VG burn faster?


After about 2 years of DIY I have 4 or 5 standard juices and 2 or 3 experimental juices in my rotation. So I’ve been vaping the standards for a long time. Recently I noticed that a couple of my standard juices seem to consume a lot faster. By that, I mean I felt I was refilling the tank much more often.

First I thought it was just me, but now I’m not sure. I realized that the one thing that changed was my PG and VG. I finally ran out of my very first supply 2 months ago and bought new from Nic River. I don’t notice any difference in the flavors, throat hit, or clouds produced. But it seems the juice made with the newer PG/VG consumes faster. Is that possible?

FWIW - Vaping MTL with 50/50 PG/VG on 1.5 to 2.0 ohm coils at 7 to 8 watts. I understand that changes in PG/VG ratio or ohm+wattage differences would change consumption rates, but those variables are the same on my standard juices.



Well there are a few more variable to consider
Puff count or duration
coil type
different mod
same mod different performance as it aged.
weather, humidity can cause minor variances.
Nicotine content can cause different usage/puff amounts.
You said you changed the PG and VG I assume only that you mean vendors, Most from reputable places are pretty standard formulation, but ya never know.



Where did you get ur first batch ???

NR uses Musim Mas VG which is what Alot of companies use… And its a great VG

Their PG comes from DOW again this is the standard with A lot of companies…



Have to say nothing burns unless you set the coils on fire, But @David5362 and @fidalgo_vapes are both right IMO , I my self only recognize the equipment wattage and coil used to determine consumption, but sloppy dripping and mixing play a bigger part of the actual loss, but then again I only use the VG/ PG that fildago uses. Its pretty much the standard in the states.



LOL, I took it as the common phrase for consumption not ignition, Nice catch though



Try to keep an eye on your puff counter. Might explain a thing or two…
It doesn’t sound like the vaping experience changed. You’re not saying you have to draw harder or longer, seems like everything is the same but your liquid consumption.
Only logical explanation I have is that you must puff more than before.

Water boils at 100 degrees and freezes at zero if it’s a pure product. Same thing with VG and PG. If you buy pharmacy grade stuff (which is usually the only thing they sell in vape shops) then it’s pure and has the same chemical properties, even though you may find a little difference in taste.



not only that but the small differences in how you wick can make a very different result.
VG/PG Shouldn’t be much different across vendors. science tells us that VG is VG and it’s all the same stuff. but I have heard that palm VG seems sweeter than soy VG this could just be perception though.