Do steeping times differ per concentrate supplier/make?

I have been trying to put together a steeping time guide and had a thought which has stopped e from starting, I know that steeping times differ per flavor concentrate but do the steeping times differ per supplier/make?

I have been curious about this and in my understanding the flavors are flavors and so the steeping time should not differ right? I get if the concentrate is VG or PG then that effects the steeping times, but do it with the maker or supplier persay?

I wouldn’t think that one flavor from say CAP and a same/similar flavor from TPA would have a different seeping time. At least not one that would make a difference enough to worry about.

That was my thought as well but i wasn’t sure, i want to do some research and try and put together a steeping time guide but wasn’t sure on this factor and couldn’t find any info on it on the net. Thanks for your reply dude!

Same flavors from different manufacturers will vary sometimes. I have some strawberries that are good as a shake n vape, and a few that do better after a steep. I have noticed this with other flavors as well.

I can already see that this steeping guide is going to prove difficult for the sheer variation that is out there lol, maybe i will do a guide on my main supplier… Vampire Vapes, that could narrow it down a bit lol.

Supplier to supplier it shouldn’t matter, but it can slightly change. What that change is can be very small or slightly noticeable. However, if it is very noticeable then there is a problem.

These noticieble problems can be from how long the supplier had the concentrate in their possession. Is their warehouse air conditioned in the summer (I would guess). Did the kid leave a shipment they receive in the sunlight. These and more are all quality issues.

The slight variations are visual ques and sensory ques like smell for your finished products. I know when my banana custard is done by the smell. I know when my orange double up mix is done by color. The times are about the same but when you mix every two weeks and you date the bottles I find myself not noticing the dates and just looking that the title and color and only going back to the dates to take notes on my recipie sheet.

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I wish it was practical to have a recommended single flavor steep time in the database along with the recommended single flavor percentage. But with all the different ways people steep/froth/etc it seems problematic.

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I agree. It’s not easy, but it is also a learning curve. It’s also based on personal taste preferances and steeping/aging effects it. That’s why notes on the recipies regarding preferred steep in helps, and then testing the recipie every 3rd/7th/12th day.

My fave example is billberry FA. If you want the tangy zip of billberry enjoy it in the first 4 days, after that the zippyness fades a bit and you have a nice billberry flavor. Imo of course.

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