Do you ever create Jamaican rum with vanilla?

did people in here ever try to create jamaican rum with vanilla bourbon??
i want to try to diy my eliquid,but not sure about that combined. maybe you can help me to decide what should i mix. my main taste is jamaican rum.

Vanilla Bourbon is not an alcohol flavour (not a bourbon with vanilla added) so if you were looking for the rum notes to come from it it won’t do that. Jamaican Special from FA or Jamaican Rum TPA may be your best bets for the alcohol if that is what you were looking for.

Vanilla Bourbon, however is quite a good vanilla quite rich and dark.


Just know there are few flavors that instantly make a vapable e-juice with just one flavor. Think of what makes Jamaican Rum “Jamaican” …like that molasses note. So maybe some “brown sugar”? You can also choose other adds for sweetness and mouthfeel like Marshmallow. Sounds like something tasty to focus on


okay so lets try to make it,jamaican with ry4 type. without vanilla maybe. because i think i’m falling in love with tobacco flavour. before vaping i am a hard smoker… :sweat_smile:

i will think about it. cause i don really like with sweet flavour… :grin: