Do you like fresh pineapple?

Of your a fan of fresh slices of pineapple you will love Vapor Train Sugarloaf!
It doesn’t blend with anything and the best price is from Bull City.
Use 6% or less and shake and vape or add a few days. Enjoy!


Is that to say it wouldn’t work in a Pineapple Upside Down Cake?


I’m interested in this whole “doesn’t blend well” too!


I’m interested in what vapor train is.
Also that “mix at 6%” is a bit idk…high maybe?

No idea not much into pineapple anyways lol.


VTA Flavors I guess


Oh vape train. Thanks for the link.


Big fan of Pineapple so i will add this to my shopping list! Thanks for the tip! Others seem to agree with you, has gotten pretty good reviews!


One of VTA’s best imo. Stand alone or in a mix. It does push itself forward when used with other flavors so start low.


I liked it at 5% for the sft but I enjoy in your face flavor. Would recommend starting at 3 and work your way up.


Just got it this morning and made a test mix with it, before making some single tester, yeah i am impatience like that :smiley:

I didnt have much luck with previous pineapples that i tried, so i tried to not get my hopes too high with this one, even though that i felt the same with Mango where i didnt find the mango i was looking for until i tried their Shisha Mango.

Anyway, Hobbit referred to this topic asking if i had any idea what you meant about “It doesn’t blend with anything” which made me a bit worried until i read the topic and could see it was meant in a positive way. First my guess was that you meant that it would overtake other flavors easily or maybe that the liquid would not mix. Now i started to think you meant something down the lines “it cannot be compared to anything”.

However, i will say it blends very well (in a good way) in the test mix i just made:
5.00% Hard Candy (FW)
4.00% Sugarloaf Pineapple (VTA)
5.00% Sweet Raspberry (VTA)

This might even be a recipe that i might consider releasing. Gonna wait a week or 2 and see how it turn out with a steep, but i probably need to mix some more if this should get through a week :smiley:

Anyway, another winner flavor from VTA that is likely gonna be worth recommending!


Damn, this post just reminded me I got Sugarloaf three weeks ago and haven’t tried it yet.