Do you make youtube vids? What software do you use?

What software do you use to make it?

I know some use Open Broadcaster:

I know some uses Adobe Aftereffects, which seem a bit overkill :smile:

I guess some use iMovie as well!

XSPLIT Broadcast

I purchased a licence a few years ago - I have used it for streaming and capturing gameplay in various games. It’s a fantastic piece of software that allows you to create pretty badass productions with multiple streams/video sources and effects and so on!

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Didn’t know this. I actually know very little video software! Thanks! It’ll be useful for both myself when I want to start filming stuff - and when I’m helping my daughters with their youtube stuff :smiley:

I foresee an ELR youtube channel in the future… LOL…

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haha well you never know ;D

You have everything else…