Documents Collected from U.S. OIRA Regulations Page for Download

If anyone is interested, I’ve collected all the documents off the OIRA regulations list of meetings page. I haven’t read through them all yet, but there you have it. Some stuff submitted by vapor companies, some from cigar companies, some from CASAA, and, oddly, some from PETA.


Thanks for tracking this down JoJo. That’s some very interesting reading. Some of the documents are sideways, and now my neck is hurting lol.

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Easy fix, gimme a few. :wink:

Fixed. A lot of these provide the same information, but it’s enlightening nonetheless. It’s interesting to see it explained in different ways and from so many different groups. CASAA submitted all those testimonials and reading through only a few makes it clear that the only people who would ‘ban’ vapor products are those that are after money. Check out the PMTA requirements…those are the requirements that every product will have to meet in order to be approved to be sold if this thing stays the way that it is.

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Thanks for the fix. I was just kidding though lol. I will read through it all thoroughly when I get home. I have read a few of the documents so far and it’s very interesting as you said to see the different viewpoints and obvious ulterior motives in the language. Sadly, those that are after money from regulations are the ones the government are getting a rise out of reading because the politicians see nothing but dollar signs as well.