Does altitude effect recipes?

So I just had the thought, after noticing altitude specific instruction on boxes of food for prep, does altitude effect the outcome of a e-juice recipe/flavoring in anyway? I am curious because I live in Utah, and my ground level is about 5000 feet above sea-level.

Interesting question. My guess is that, if it is affected, it is not much! :slight_smile:


Only if you use flour, eggs, yeast, baking soda, oil or water in your mix! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: j/k

Just for informational kicks, it takes 9 degrees less temperature to boil water where you are than at sea level. I don’t know how that would effect other components of your juice? But, it’d make for a great science fair project!


My worry is in using heat on the juices, like a candle warmer or crockpot etc. I have read the average is no higher than about 45c, but if even water boils lower temp, could some of the more volatile flavorings be more affected at a lower temp too? I understand they say no higher than 50c (122ish F) so the 45c mark would leave some room… Just was curious if 45c here would be = to something hotter, closer to sea level, in regards to heat steeping and the flavorings, that way if it is, I can adjust accordingly

Simply put, the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure.
Lower pressure causes water to evaporate more quickly, and water boils at a lower temperature.
At 5000ft water will boil around 203F, opposed to 212F at sea level.
This can be a real issue in cooking, especially baking…how can it affect DIY e-juice…

I would think it is minimal, but it can be a factor to consider, depending on what you use [composition],
and how much you use of each ingredient.

Steeping a mix in warm/hot water [lid off] during a 12hr time period could surely be affected in loss of liquid.
Many organic flavors today are extracted and suspended in ethyl alcohol. Think of this…Vodka is 60% water
and 40% pure spirits. If you left the bottle, uncapped, on your patio at 5000ft ASL …

Ethanol [C2H6O] at sea level, boils at 173F, has a vapor pressure of 5.95 kPa @20C [68degrees F]
Many mixes using organic flavors call for an initial ‘breathing’ of 12-24 hours, then 5-10 minutes/day to
dissipate the alcohol and it’s taste/smell. This could very well alter juice at 5000ft without adjusting
your ‘breathing’ times. How much, well, get out your slide rule, boys and girls. :slight_smile: I would think it could also
affect curing times, rate that it matures, etc. How much? Probably minimal, but maybe a blend that would normally require a 10-14 day aging may require a 12-16 day period…TO BE EQUAL.I would be more concerned
about evaporation, and if you are one that heats at higher temperatures to speed up the process, then I would
focus on and adjust my heating.

Glycerol [VG] is produced by hydrolysis [oils placed under the combined force of temperature, pressure, and WATER]
PG [C3H8O2] is a diol. A co-product of fatty acids and biodiesel being made. Very miscible [solubility] with water, acetone, etc. So, how much water is in PG or VG, if any? [I will let you borrow the ‘calculator’ I used in college, my round one] I just wouldn’t leave my PG and VG un-capped for extended periods, especially at high altitudes.

I don’t think the altitude would affect normal DIY E-liquid alchemy enough to effect much of a noticeable outcome,
but it ‘could’ , depending on your ingredients and practices.

Hope this helps, or I can elaborate.


Looks like you won the science fair, sir :smile:
Very nice, and very informative. Thank you.
just saved me hours or even days of googling. Lol.

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An altitude change could certainly make your tank start leaking, if you’re travelling with your vaporizer.

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No idea about how altitude affects vaping…so I’ll go with what Ozo said. However, I can tell from MUCH direct experience the increase altitude has on alcohol consumption effects. I lived in Denver and worked at the “Flying Dog” brewery (formerly Broadway Brewery) for 3 years or so…I remember a little of it. :smiling_imp:

Lol :grin: cool, I know people in CO I just never been there myself

freakin AWESOME place to live. However, it’s the kind of city where you need to have your shit together BEFORE you move there, not the kind of place to go to get your shit together…if that makes sense. Sounded better in my head.

That was my experience anyway. Looking forward to going back there, finally…

I think I’m allowed back anyway…:smiling_imp:

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I doubt ill ever find myself going down there… Salt Lake City is a black hole… I’ve tried to move out of Utah a few times over the years, always ended up back here. Guess its my home or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s Florida for me. I keep moving away and it keeps sucking me back in, rinse and repeat, over and over, ad nauseum. Swore this state off several times. Now I have downgraded from living in Ft. Lauderdale and Jupiter (North Palm Beach) to living in Fort Pierce which is a damned armpit…but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just have to finish my classes and I am headed WEST YOUNG MAN!!


Here, use the ‘calculator’ I used in college…and you can figure it out.

I just got back from a trip to Denver. I also went into the mountains and vaped there…I think I was at 8,000 ft then. Didn’t notice any difference at all in my vaping experience as opposed to home where I’m at like 600 ft. Using temp control you would think if there was a noticeable difference it would show more easily. Nothing…flavor and vapor volume were the same there as here.

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Double yes to that.

Hey ! I am a Floridian lol Living in the Pacific Northwest !!! I RAN while I had the chance :wink:
Miss my family not the screwed up state ! Plus I got about a 12$/hr raise moving out here and the cost of living isn’t much different as well as taxes with Wa. vs FL.

good luck desperately seeking Denver :smile:

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Thank you! Failure to Launch is not an option at this point. Money is already settling into an account for the move, jobs are being lined up, random other stuff that needs doing pre-move is getting done. Just have to finish a couple commitments here and sometime in July, I should be on I-75 headed North then West on I-70…forget what all happens in between but I know I stop at the mountains :slight_smile:

I swore I wouldn’t do another summer down here and I am keeping that promise!

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Ah haahaha you sound like my fiance’ and I every summer we’d say We gotta get out of here it’s like Hell it’s so darn hot and humid you can’t breathe disgusting bugs are Everywhere…I feel your pain. Good luck

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\m/\m/ rock n roll :slight_smile: I’ll be around in here so, I’ll keep you posted on the exodus!

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If you are vaping cake at high altitude it may fall.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: