Does anybody vape Menthol at high wattage?

I got a Melo 300 and i can handle MBV’s Thug Juice at 150 watts. Menthol seems mild since it is not the main flavor in it so iduno how it would compare to a juice with only menthol. Nor do i know the percentage of menthol in it. I have 200mls of store bought Extreme Ice. Yes, I know its not menthol but i can barely handle it in a crown (1) tank at 60 watts. Not even gonna try in the Melo. heh

I get “vapors tongue” regularly (more often than not sadly)… so i am thinking i might just vape menthol only from now on. What percentage do you guys mix at (assuming at 10% solution)?

I know i can just mix a bunch of small batches and figure it out but i just feel like asking :slight_smile:

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I don’t vape menthol but maybe this will help you out a little with percentages used.

I use .20% of ECX Menthol Solution (not 20% - I use .20%) and trust me, it’s plenty of menthol at high wattage.

My menthol mix has 5% Capella Cool Mint, it makes it very sweet and smooth. I bet you will like it.

I bought some crystals and made a 10% solution in PG. Using this i started at 5% and was super weak. I just did 12% still not what im looking for :confused:

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If you’re mixing by weight, try 16g crystals with 16g of PG. You’ll have to warm this and stir it a few times to get it to dissolve. What ever you use to mix it in will be menthol forever, lol. Don’t get any in your eyes or hands. This should fit into a 30 mil bottle. The mix I make is very roughly close to this and I still use anywhere from .5 - 5%.


Excuse my mathtardness… that would make your solution roughly 5 times more powerful than mine no? So should i try 25% to match your 5% ?

Guess i will try 25%… Did 15 and its pretty tame :frowning:

The higher you go with menthol, % wise, the more PG you will need to use. I mix mine on a 1:1 ratio and then mix it around 3-6% in a 70V/30P or 60V/40P mix.

FWs site says that Extreme Ice is Menthol/PG but it seems to me it has something else in it, i have vaped a lot of it over the years. Here is one of my allergy vapes:

I havent vaped it much past 60w tho.

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Yea i have been a fan of extreme ice for a long while. I have about 300ml of store bought on my desk heh. It tastes much different than just plain menthol to me.

I have had your recipe saved for quite some time but never got around to trying. Isn’t TPA Menthol 66% crystals in PG?

Guess i will need to buy more crystals and make a more powerful solution. 10% is weak as F#$k. :confused:


It would be a 10% dilution. Its pretty weak. These days i just use my own mix, i leave the recipe up for others tho i do vape it from time to time.

Most menthol that you buy premade is 10% crystals, maybe 20% for some. I can’t make any guarantees that this is healthy but it’s what I needed to really quit smoking. I’m trying to wean myself down into a sane percentage, lol.

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TPA site says

If you’d prefer to work with menthol crystals, you can duplicate our menthol blend by the ratio:

For 1000 grams
660 grams menthol crystals
340 grams PG


I honestly don’t believe them, or the company I bought it from had issues with rebottling because I tried TPA menthol and a few others up to 25% and it was hardly noticeable.

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yeah, i drip Kenowhere’s ice, ice baby almost everyday on a mech so roughly 70 watts and its strong stuff. It’s nice tho gets rid of vape tongue, clears sinuses,removes paint and whatever else u need. I havent and wouldnt keep it in a tank, when i drip i just adding it to whatever is in there from the night before and vape thru it.

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Very interesting. Im with @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit on this, it doesnt seem very strong. It seems right in line with other brands.

Ill grab a fresh bottle, when i order next, and do a comparison.

25% is pretty much what im looking for. Cool but not blast your face off! (at 125w in a melo 300 anyways). I wonder if the crystals i got are just weak. Anyways… when i get more i will make a 50/50 solution by weight. What percentage of that would equal 25% using a 10% sulution? 5%?

EDIT: NM it is blast my face off once the coil warms up! hehe… bout to give up :confused: