Does anyone have resizing screen size issues, when using the elr site?

I’m trying to use the forum again, My first post here took forever, but this is a serious question also.

When I’m in the ELR"app" Everytime I load the next screen, it starts out really large , and then knocks down a size, and then knocks down to regularly size eventually…

It’s just annoying because if you tap something as it transitions you end up somewhere not expected…just curious guys.

Thanks for the help!

BTW, this post went a lot smoother than the first.

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I’ve had that issue before with it. Maybe we should ask @JoJo about it she’s our resident go to fix it all genious. :wink:

Yep, I have the same issue when I’m on my phone. I just figure is a free site and it forces me to work on my patience issues. :wink:


Welcome back Michael. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’ve got the answer to this one. When I use the site on my iPod Touch I don’t have the resizing issues. I tried downloading Chrome to see if it was a browser issue and it seems to be okay too. :confused: I’m curious, what phones/devices are you guys using?

I have the droid Maxx 2(I believe), I have roboform,whixh is a password manager, and I start my web session through that, which I believe uses chrome…I will look into this

I think @daath would probably be more qualified to answer this question. I’m genuinely not sure. The only thing I can think is it is something to do with how the OS senses or handles the transition of a website to a ‘mobile’ version of the site.

is this an actual application? I would be pretty kewl if it was/is

Ok, I think the problem for me was running it through roboform browser. I’m using just the straight chrome now, and everything seems to be working soo much better!!! Jeez, I did play with some settings in the chrome also, and I think this is much better…

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No, there’s no app, but the website is what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got it, there’s options in the settings of the browser…one was forcing the browser not to zoom, and I also adjusted the accessibility page, to have the text a little smaller :slight_smile: this is so much better now :slight_smile: oh and I turned off request desktop page too

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Same issue here on Android (Galaxy s3) using latest version of Firefox.

It really seems more like an issue with the implementation of scripts (Java?) and how they interact with with the browser. Most of the time things go well enough that I just deal with it (kinda like @VapeyMama said) but when it starts to run amuck, it’s like there IS NO catching up. I’ve had it lock the browser response time (in something as simple as “clicking a like” icon) for as long as 20s. If you’re not aware it’s happening (when it first starts) the effect is cumulative. IE: you click ‘like’ but nothing happens, you wait 3-5s thinking ok, that press didn’t register, so you hit it again, wait 3-5s more… Still nothing. So you hit it one last time, wait… Only to find that now that is all starting to catch up, and without touching anything in the meantime, you finally see the screen cycle through like-enabled, like-disabled, like-enabled all the while going Oh Great, I hope this person doesn’t think I’m nuts (assuming the system is sending repeated notifications for the like/unlike process. ><

Glad someone brought the topic up, as it’s nice to know I’m not alone! lol
Thanks OP!

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“Oh and I turned off request desktop page too”

That’s normally off on mine (unless I manually enable it) so definitely not a factor in what I described. =(

Also, I’ve had the scroll response go wonky too.

And scripts don’t work in some aspects of replying (eg: quoting sections of a poster’s text, and then have that auto-imported into your reply box - as it does on the windows browser).


Well I know Oracle has the predominate market share (which is sad considering the amount of security holes, bugs and glitches), but not keeping up to date on my html chops (last time was what? 2004) I was leaving the door open to the possibility that some other form of scripting language was possibly being used :wink: