Does anyone here have experience with VSO Lemonade Raw?

Hey ELR,

I’ve been playing around with VSO Lemonade Raw, and have unfortunately had less than promising results. As with other VSO Raw flavors, I started at relatively low percentages in my SFTs. First 1%, and after a week steep I was unable to taste anything other than a hint of lemon. My next test was at 2%, where the flavor was much more pronounced, yet still lacking a bit of weight. Finally, I tested at 2.5% and felt like I found a winning percentage. As a SFT, 2.5% is where it’s at for me.

But here is where my problem lies. Seems that at 2.5% it completely gets lost in a mix. I’ve tried about 3 mixes with this lemonade, and none of them tasted like a lemonade after adding some flavors on top. I tried 2 mixes with different watermelons, and an additional with some strawberries. In all 3 mixes, all this lemonade seemed to do was add a bit of juiciness and brightness. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in my previous experience, VSO Raw flavors shine in mixes. 1% of VSO Watermelon Raw, as an example, will overpower most of what it’s mixed with.

Has anyone used VSO Lemonade Raw successfully in a lemonade mix, and not as an additive? If so, what was your secret?

P.S. Shane told me that the Raw flavors are non diluted versions of his normal flavor line. IIRC, 1% of a raw flavoring would be equal to 10% of the normal version of the same flavor. So in this case it sounds like I’m using 25% of his regular lemonade, and it still gets lost in mixes. What is the MOST Raw flavoring one can use in a mix without muting? I couldn’t taste much at 1%, and 2.5% got lost in the mix, would it be “safe” to try an additional 0.5-1%?

Thanks in advance for your help, ELR!



Honestly, you could probably use that at 4-5% maybe higher. The og lemonade was a 10-15%. My experience with VSO is s raws are typically 2-4% depending. Some work at .5% some work at 3%. Lemonade, cream soda, waffle are 3 that stand out as very extra weak. Flavorah lemonade is way better, or FW Lemonade (natural), WF lemonade. They are cheaper for the amount you have to use.


What she said…