Does anyone try mallard ferriere concentrated flavors?

i would like to know if anyone try mallard ferriere arome ( concetrated flavor) for e liquid
it is safe to use it ?
i try to send an email for the company but no answer from there side
there is no ingredient on the box
i am pretty sure its alcohol free
but i am not use if they use pg or wd to make the arome

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Struggling to find any info to answer your question. From doing a google search this brand is used in confectionary, but I can’t see anything about its ingredients so I personally would hold fire until you know for sure what ingredients are used and that it hasn’t got sugars in, or any diketones if they also concern you.

Maybe try and email them again - your email could have got lost in the system somewhere. It also looks as if they have a Facebook page so you could try and message them on there maybe?

Good luck :smiley:


Thanks dear .
I will try to contact them again and I will update the post if I receive anything from there side.
What are the ingredant should not be on the arome ?

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This is a good read:


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