Does Cocoa Fat Safe to Vape?

I’m new to Vaping & DIY E-Liquid and I really want a chocolate flavor liquid. So I found this local chocolate food flavoring in my country Indonesia which name is koepoe². It has a lot of ingredients in it which I don’t know, one of those is cocoa liquor.

Complete Ingredients:
Caramel, Synthetic Chocolate Flavor, Cocoa Liquor, Caramel Coloring, Natural Sweeteners Sorbitol, PG, Synthetic Vanilla Flavor, Cocoa Butter, Synthetic Milk Flavor, Synthetic Vanilin Flavor, Ethyl Maltol, Ethyl Vanilin.

Based from what I found, Cocoa liquor is basically the chocolate liquid contains of cocoa mass and cocoa butter. So cocoa butter here is a fat which is oil isn’t it?

I’ve heard something like vaping THC which contains vitamin whatever which is oil and it can damage our lung. So will this cocoa fat can also damage my lung?


Please, do not use this flavouring. Inhaling vaporised fats is indeed very dangerous as you clearly say from the Vitamin E death last year.

(caramel is probably best avoided as well).
If you like coffee and chocolate, one of the most efficient flavours for me in this profile is tiramisu from Flavour Art, thick mix of coffee and chocolate. Very easy to taste from two drops per 10 ml, guaranteed without fats and FA is one of the better testing manufacturers. One of my test recipes that was pretty decent.

Tiramisu orchid

Ingredient %
Sugar Orchid (Flavorah) 0.40
Tiramisu (Booster) (FA) 0.80

Flavor total: 1.2%

Thank you for answering so fast. Fortunately I haven’t tried it. My mind was saying “it’s gonna be fine, just try it a little”… :sweat_smile:
And thanks for the subtitute recommendation… :grin:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Do not use koepoe2. There are lots of vape flavorings on tokopedia. Just open in browser (not in app) and search the brands.


Yeah, thanks for this tip. Very helpful… :heart_eyes:
Somehow I can’t find many vape related products in the app, but it’s actually there if searched by browser… :sweat_smile: