Does refrigerated nicotine need to be warmed up before mixing?

I keep my nicotine in my beer kegerator (aprrox.38 degrees) Since it is 100% VG do I need to put in a hot / warm bath to thin it out before mixing?

I Don’t,
I freeze my nic (vg) in it’s 1litre bottles, but I put 100ml in 5 x 20ml bottles , 4 bottles in the fridge and one in use. I tend just to take em out an hour or so in advance and let them gently get to room temp,


sounds good thanks

Definitely don’t heat VG Nic as it will cause degradation of it and potentially cause it to lose it’s potency. Heat, UV and oxygen are what you want to avoid exposing your nicotine concentration to.Glass bottles are also advisable as leeching can occur from plastic bottles long term.


Agree with Posh fella above,
My 1 litre bottles and 20ml bottles are all amber glass
the 20ml ones are dripper bottles, and the reason for it
all is minimum disruption to the majority of the nic as 20ml aren’t gonna oxidise too much before they get used up

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Like others, when I first get my 1liter bottle of 100mg/ml nic I transfer it to 8 x 120ml bottles (I use plastic bottles myself) and these go into the deep freezer, what is left over from the liter I top off the bottle at my mixing station. I keep 1 bottle out and at my mixing station for use and when it gets down to just about empty I pull a new one out of the deep freezer.


Even when put in the freezer VG Nic or PG based nic does not actually freeze. Vg based nic will become thick and a bit difficult the use with a syringe if that is you method of adding it. I do all ingredients by weight except for the nicotine. As @Kalahariuk does I keep bottles either in the freezer, or the frig but have a smaller 4" tall and 4" wide jar which I syringe my nic. What I do is do all ingredients beside the nicotine first. By the time I get to the nic it is usually warmed up enough to be worked with easily…


Just don’t forget to shake and shake and shake. :wink: