Does TPA "fruit Circles with milk" taste very different to other fruit circles?

I wanted to order TPA fruit circles from Chefs vapour along with some other flavours.
Unfortunately it was out of stock. So I ordered fruit circles with milk to subsitute it.

I thinks ist terrible. So, is it me and I don´t like the fruit circles flavour or is the fruit circles with milk not comparable to other fruit Loops flavours?
I thought that fruit Loop flavours have this citric note, can´t taste it on mine…

I´m just wondering, because I love the spoonful liquid which is meant to be a fruit Loop cereal liquid.

Thanks and greetings from Austria,

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I jumped on Fruit Circles with Milk when it first came out. Everything I tried with it turned out vile. The VERY artificial tasting milk overpowers any fruit flavor that’s in there, rendering it useless to me. If you’re looking for a good cereal vape, look for Jackster’s Cereal Killer clones. V2 of his clone is my ADV and I absolutely love it.

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