Does using a coffee frother help or hurt?

I have been using a coffee frother to mix up my juices and I am wondering if this is good to do I question it because I have to wonder if my flavors are being muted or
"damaged" ( for a lack of a better word) I noticed Wayne from DIY or Die says he don’t use a frother any more and in a you tube video I saw on mixing/steeping a guy
did a test with 5 different ways of mixing and steeping and determined the test bottle
that was frothed tasted to be one of the worst tasting after I mix up my recipe I put the bottle in a cup of water heated to about 120 degrees ( +/- a few degrees)
for approx. 15 mins then I use the frother until it it turns white am I killing my flavors with this method ? So many of my mixes are turn out weak in flavor i don’t get all taste of the ingredients in the recipe… any thoughts or suggestions out t there would be
really appreciated so far after a one year of DIY most of my juices are less that great getting frustrated. here is the link to the video I mentioned:



I often froth juice with no ill effects to the taste from naturally steeped juice


I froth but don’t overdo it. Some claim it hurts your mix… some don’t

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that’s what had me thinking I too hear the same hurts / don’t What I think I might try is
cut down how long I froth it to like a quick stir just for the hell of it to see if it makes a difference

I’m happy with what I mix and haven’t noticed any ill effects from frothing so I’ll just keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

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Speaking of frothing, I was using a Badger for frothing but could only use it in larger bottles that had a wide mouth opening. After watching some of DIY Vapors videos I kept seeing him using a different style of hand frother, when I looked it up on Amazon I seen how cheap it was and purchased one, it has a nice small wand that easily fits into 15 and 30ml bottles… just saying.

EDIT: I just noticed the price has gone up, I paid a dollar less than this 3 or 4 weeks ago.


thanks Bro I’ll check it out I love that you can mix in the bottle!:+1:

Thank you, your order has been placed. ( bought one)


I was always told it mutes flavors. And in the case of wine, sometimes just simple steeping does the trick.

I heard that you can over do it

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Personally I look at frothing about the same as shaking the crap out of a mix (excuse my french).


I would like to point one thing here…
Frothing a warm mix will hurt (it is itsy to break the molecular structure of the mix or say distort it when it is warm)
Frothing a normal (room temp) mix won’t hurt. But if the ratio of the mix is above 80 vg then to froth it you need a strong blender which might not go into the tiny bottles which is a downside if you say but not for me.
Thank you

(psst keep Mr. Nic out of this, he hates when you make him to meet Mr. Oxy

Ah… that’s exactly what I have been doing I don’t go above 70 VG

my mini mixer was delivered today I love it I mixed all of my steeping juices right in the bottle!:+1: