Doh! I F***ed it up

Well we all do dumb shit at some stage (in my case I do dumb shit all the time)

My latest dumb thing was to leave the heater on on the mag mixer forgot it was on (getting old) . My usual thing is to give a new mix a few mins of heat just to make the high vg mixes a bit easier to work with. This time, however I left the heater on for about 25 mins at full noise. The result was I had a juice that was vaping itself on the magstirrer.

So in the interests of science I vaped some it wasn’t bad it appeared to just have muted flavor I am not 100% sure because it was a v2 of a mix I have been working on so the muted flavor may not be from the heat.

So to further my knowledge I made exacly the same mix and applied no heat at all. I am now going to naturally age them both and then in a week or 2 vape them side by side on the same mod with the same tank just to see what the 100000 degree cooking did if anything.

Here is a comparison photo (neither has any nic)

See what happens will post results if they are noteworthy.


cant wait to find out about the accident and which one tastes better


Vape it like you stole it !!! …

… and report back. :slight_smile:

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I have been meaning to get back to this thread

The over cooked one was about half the flavour taste so the cooking severely muted the flavours - neither of them tasted bad just one was almost like vaping unflavoured.



thats funny