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Double Bubble Trouble

spearmint will work too… and I am surprised no one has mentioned FLV Bubble gum.
I have a few recipes that I really just love to vape :smiley:


Spearmint will give you a… well a spearmint gum flavor. Wintergreen gives an old fashioned gum flavor Without a minty note IMO.
I actually tried to make a gum flavor ALL FLV but without the wintergreen (which FLV doesn’t offer) it was a failure :frowning:


Not laughing because of your mix turning up like a boo boo… but I love a spearmint gum… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a few gum recipes, but most are not public. Like over 3 pages worth…
Just released a couple so you can see, Rocky… but my main thing with the bubble gum flv is using it as a sweetener. I was on a big kick with it a while back, and I guess I did not know just how big lol… :stuck_out_tongue:



Well not a total boo boo, it turned out like… well SPEARMINT GUM! :crazy_face:


I do like Big Red gum, guess I gotta pick up some of that Fire Cinnamon FLV :ok_hand:


Now you got me wanting a piece lolol :stuck_out_tongue:

is dang good for most types of candies… and respect it like rich, you will be fine!! :slight_smile:
It’s more of bakery cinnamon than anything else… and it takes well to sweeteners and things like toast… so you can get more uses out of it rather than for just one recipe :smiley:


Well is interesting, as pretty close to this very old recipie I mentioned:


Yes, the Wintergreen is right where I use it at 2%, I don’t have the Cinnamon, but I use Cinnamon Spice at 0.08%, I do add Orange and Lemon to my base for a juicy fruit type gum. I mixed an all TPA gum (without a “gum concentrate”) and the dudes over at DevelopedDIY compared me to some some dude named Alfred Pudding :man_shrugging:


Def like ya bubblegum :slight_smile: On that last recipie must ask if you have ever tried FA Tutti Frutti or whatever it is called now? To me that is straight up wrigleys juicy fruit gum flavour without the gum


That was like me with ice cream and custards If I was you I’d buy some more bubble gum from different manufacturers 10mls single flavour test them you will get there


No I haven’t, I don’t have that flavor. And the challenge was to use only TFA flavors on that recipe👌

Nah, I like to just mix my own after all I’m sure all them gum concentrates are just the manufacturer’s “mix”
I don’t really care for Ice cream flavor concentrates, but maybe be fun to mix one without using an Ice cream concentrate :thinking:

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